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  1. Oh boy it's been a while since I've been on here, why is my profile picture shrek? Doesn't matter. I'm excited. RIP 2019 Christmas 2019-2021
  2. demon's lair is the best map for gold farming though
  3. I already know that harbingers exile was removed entirely but the dev team mentioned another shard had been, what shard though?
  4. could I have a link to this video?
  5. this is correct and by the sound of this it seems like you tried what I tried
  6. hello friends, so you know how tenacity chips are almost universally seen as being F tier mods used only by people who happened upon a piece of armor with good stats that had it, you know that? well, they are somewhat useful actually. Well I upgraded 4 level 10 tenacities to chaos 8 to see if they acted the same as a level 10 tenacity servo and they do. if you get 4 level 10 tenacity chips into chaos 8 then you become completely immune to the following slows: such as frost enemy attacks and enemies from lanes with abominable, and ogre goop ball stuns: like the yetis Iceball and drakenlord's aura assassins: they can still latch onto you but you can use abilities and such now one may question the viability of this compared to higher damage, or bring up the high cost to set something like this up (8m gold, 4 C8 amps and 4 10/10 tenacity chips) and say "well that isn't particularly viable" and "why would you upgrade those 4 tenacities when you could use those amps for literally anything else?" and my answer to that is science.
  7. damn that gunwitch skin makes me wish I was paying attention to this community during the campaign because I really wish I had that
  8. I have great news everyone, my friend Adam was able to buy a level 5 drain aura so my collection is complete (the price was completely reasonable FYI). it had some useless mod attached to it but that shouldn't devalue it at all I chose drain aura because it's the best mod in the game in all seriousness I chose it because it's one of the worst mods in the game and I happened to get a level 10 in a shop so I decided "why not" at this point I have spent at least 10m on drain auras even going so far as to spend 2m for a level 3 (totally worth it) originally I never planned for it to go so far but honestly this is MY meme
  9. title it would be kind of annoying if you couldn't because me and my friend joke kick each other a bunch but it's not a good game idea
  10. actually that's only 40 because I didn't have the 41st in when I took that EDIT: just got my 42nd, still not a 5
  11. on my quest for every level of drain aura at every chaos level I have gotten a very large amount of drain auras, I've gotten multiple level 10s as well as 9s and have over seven 7s, my 1s 2s and 3s take up around half of the drain aura space, but in all my time of drain aura farming and buying them I have not gotten a single level 5 drain aura, has anyone else had this problem? I know that since drain aura is meta it's a probably a really big issue so if anyone would be willing to sell me one then that would help (but I doubt anyone has actually gotten a level 5) image of bank vault attached below
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