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  1. I feel very sad, man, we played together yesterday. Although I have known you for a short time, I think you are a very enthusiastic friend. When I first saw you, I didn't understand many things. You taught me a lot. It is also very pleasant to trade with you. You are generous. Indeed, you need to devote more time to real life and be accompanied by family and friends. I believe your body will get better and better. I believe that sooner or later you will return to DD again. Good luck, man, I look forward to your return. My English is not very good, plea
  2. I want to buy Gaia's last gift(45-50cv) I can provide cavalry, Maslstrom, 1 cap diamonds, 2 cap diamonds, cubes
  3. It's not an auction my steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198817920506/ 1.372 pristine 20coal 2.348 plate 15coal 3.373 plate 24coal 4.362 plate 8coal 5.375 pri 15coal 6.412 mail 15coal 7.367 mail 2cv Looking 8.404 mail 15coal 9.379 mail 1cv chrriis 10.308 mail 8coal 11.chicken buyout 16coal 12.u+crystal gun buyout 15coal
  4. ult plate chest 358 ult leather boots 293 8 coal
  5. 386 mail 2cv 324 leather 2cv 309 plate 2cv
  6. I want to buy Gaia's gift I have cubes, diamonds (0cap 1cap) Please tell me your quotation and steam. Already bought
  7. mxmxmx


    2cv 398 chain mitts
  8. The required event item has been modified
  9. UTC/GMT -4 02:00 end Auction of this U ++ Armor I accept coal (1: 9), cubes, diamonds (4-5, 10, 15) event items accept Gaia's Last Gift(40),spearmint(20),the cavalry(35),the rainmaker(180) celebration(90), npc(100) No other event items are required If the price does not meet my expectation, I have the right to cancel the auction. Thaleskpl has already checked for me. He has already explained it in my post Auction will end 02/05/19 The current highest quotation: Looking To Buy RM 223cv
  10. add mxmxmx I need to buy cubes
  11. I buy it from a friend. I have already asked host, this weapon has been sell to the pub, thank you
  12. No, he is a random number, 60,000+is normal, I have seen many similar weapons, thank you. ULT weapon, tower attribute can reach 700+, also hacked?
  13. thanks for the contest. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198817920506/
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