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  1. Trendy doesn't make things easier. That was a joke patch note, like how developers put funny patch notes at the end to make the changelog more palatable.
  2. then you start finding good gear again REALLY easy When does this happen? Or is it part of the big secret the DD elite don't want people to know.
  3. These patch notes must be fake. They say they both made the map easier AND increased drop quality. If those notes are true, this marks the first time where they have done this, but its highly unlikely, as that is simply out of character for the direction of the game the past year or so.
  4. It's not exactly anything -new- that DD has an absolutely horrendous progression setup through nightmare. As far as I'm concerned, this could be a way to give people a chance to actually, you know, progress. If the devs read this they'll make it drop Epic gear instead. They seriously hate any possibility of anyone playing any of their DLC ever.
  5. Any plans on fixing loot progression so new players can enjoy the game?
  6. It depends on player level and gear. It sounds like you have hit the gear wall. Believe me when I say they've made it even harder to get into Nightmare. My friends weren't too happy when I hyped this game up to them, they bought it plus the DLC, and found out they couldn't play most of the DLC. Thank Valve for giving them refunds. Go spend your money on FarCry 3. You'll derive more enjoyment out of that. You can probably find Bad Rats or Duke Nukem Forever more fun than this.
  7. The first time in dungeon defenders history where they make something EASIER and it doesn't even remotely affect loot progression.
  8. Is loot progression ever going to be fixed or is it catering to high end players from here on out? Everyone I know quit playing because it's impossible to do most (now) middle-high end content now due to no way to get gear.
  9. I tried the game today after weeks of not playing after I pretty much gave up hope and what do I see, indeed it's as the topicstarter stated. With yet another tier of gear, drops are even worse, and I thought droprates had pretty much hit rockbottom. I'll check back in a few months to see if trendy can fix the droprates... something steam workshop users actually have already done... if only those fixes would work on ranked where they actually matter... It was said by a developer that they specifically were NOT going to fix the RNG.
  10. Oh boy yet another new patch to cater to old players, while new players have absolutly no way to even get to the same level that old players are at now.
  11. Good luck with that one, since I sure don't plan on buying anything else from you guys if your line of thinking is "Yeah, its broke and we ain't fixing it. Here, have some more DLC for a game that already has so much DLC that it out prices the actual game." While its nice that you guys did put in a lot of work on the game, its beyond infuriating to hear you say that the biggest part of it is broken, making the game unfun, and isn't going to be fixed. A thousand times this. (love the picture by the way!) It almost reads to me like they hope EA is somehow impressed by how a single company can take a giant Taco Bell dump on the community and will buy them up or something.
  12. We'll have to see what 10% translates to in real numbers. I remain strongly pessimistic about this though.
  13. I think the balance tweaks we want will appear sometime after the launch of Black Mesa Source and Half Life 3. Hope this helps!
  14. The really funny thing is, if you unknowingly buy a hacked item, YOU get in trouble for it, not the hacker. This is a catch-22, as you almost HAVE to hack mana to get past the brick wall, since the latest "balance tweaks" *Scoff* just built a giant brick wall so new players can't progress again. This is the last post you'll see by me. I'm uninstalling this game and moving on to better games (Torchlight 2, Guild Wars 2). Actually I could classify Daikatana as a better game, as John Romero actually CARES about the community a whole lot more...
  15. No one seems to have noticed this, so I have to say it: you know what King's 7.40 reminded me of? Levels 0-70, that's what. Remember when you used to find upgrades every couple of runs of a difficult-but-manageable campaign map? That's what we had here. Shards broke that pretty badly, making upgrades absurdly rare even on Survival, but we got to glimpse it again for a day. Someone in 1k gear could run King's Insane HC and end up with 1.1k gear! If you had 1.5k, you could beat Insane Survival and bootstrap yourself to perhaps 1.65k or 1.7k! For 2k and up, there was NMHCMM so you could hit 2.25k! It was almost like you didn't have to rely on the few people who were able to farm NM Mistymire back when it only had spiders. The temporarily-free DLC also reminded me of those glorious times. But now a bunch of butthurt people who got their gear when it was reasonably difficult have ruined it again. My suggestion for fixing it? Take The King's Game back to where it was pre-patch, knock off the random crappy Ultimate drops (I saw one Ultimate Sicarius with multiple -300 stats) and buff the loot quality on the tougher maps like Karathiki, Moraggo, Sky City, and Palantir. If you need +400 to all relevant stats per piece of armor to beat the map, it should drop at least a few pieces per late wave that have +410. Take it from an early adopter with a bunch of early-adopter friends (I believe I know one of the first people to beat the Ancient Dragon on Insane back when everyone wanted Godly Enchanted Pristine armor)--harder is not necessarily better. A thousand times this. IF you guys want to see real change, don't buy any more DLC, don't buy their new game. We'll see how they react when only the top 2% are buying DLC. Please just put the map back the way it was. also lol @ the developers not responding to anyone saying the map is hard now. That should tell you who they care about.
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