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  1. I might went little bit overboard with amount of waves. You're completely right. And saving progress would be nice since you can get back to wave you've done last but on the other hand once you've done all the waves you can get best possible reward every time you go into gamemode. So giving less amount of waves would be better than saving progress. Big thanks for showing me my miss
  2. Aurora: Female teeneger that rides on bubble, main attack is little projectile bubble shots that have low range, secondary attack is shotgun like shot that have even lower range but have knockback effect Abilities: 1 - creating bubble around certain area that slow enemys that lasts 5-10sec - 40 mana 2 - creating bubble of poison that makes enemys take dmg for 5 sec ( the effect refreshes itself every 1 sec while enemy is still in bubble ) that lasts 5-8sec - 50 mana 3 - creating bubble of thunderstorm that makes enemyes take dmg while being in it, there's 10-40% chance to stun enemy - 80 mana Defenses: It all goes around add-ons, not upgrading and not building more. Every effect can be stacked up to 4 times so their effects/dps can be increased. 1 - base bubble ( you can even call it aura if you want ) it doesn't do anything by itself - 30 gems 2 - adding slow effect to base bubble - 30/40/50/60 gems 3 - adding poison effect to base bubble ( the way that deal dmg is same as ability but it scales with defense power ), poison attack rate is increased but only in bubble and poison effect doesn't last longer even if you upgrade add-on - 50/60/70/80 gems 4 - adding fire effect to base bubble ( way of working is same as poison except in this add-on enemys are ignited, not poisoned ) - 60/70/80/90 gems 5 - adding thunder effect to base bubble ( same as ability ), chance of stun is increased with every add-on 30%/40%/50%/60% - 80/90/100/110 gems The way it works is that you can place every single add-on on base bubble and upgrade every single one of them to max so it will deal bigger dmg while doing it in different ways. Add-ons can't be placed by themselves. I hope you liked my idea.
  3. The base concept of this is: 1. 1 pretty big lane 2. Good amount of gems to build base defenses 3. About 1000 waves 4. Every wave comes with different mix of enemys with higher health ( wave 1 - 100hp, wave 100 - let's say 25mln hp ) 5. There's chest right behind crystal you need to protect that when you open it, it ends the survival run and gives you rewards as good as amount of waves you've done or resources that will be implemented into DDA 6. Every wave will contain just 1 boss that comes out at the end of the wave with 10 times higher statistics 7. Option of compering best run with people on your friend list or those with you're in tavern/town 8. If you finish last wave you get special reward. My propositons - cool flair / cool looking pet with particles / big amount of gold / access to something like VIP room ( I just gave it as and example not to make it that way )/premium currency/some kind of the title Hope you liked my idea ☺
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