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  1. I'd like to share my sad story and lament... I have over 2200 hours into DD and have loved every second of this game and the people I've met. But over a year ago I stopped playing and don't know if I could get back into it. I had 12 lv100 hero's and several event items but then one day... I tried linux. When the game loaded all my hero's and items were erased in a panick I booted back to windows but alas.. there was nothing. My Ult+ mail chestplate, my Ult++ tiger pet, my Supreme BF Drill all lost to the void. I sat there and cried for hours; I knew time would continue to pass and life would go on but I couldn't see any furture I wanted to be a part of. Like I said this was at least a year ago and I have found hope again, but may this serve as a warning to any others out there. Linux, not even once... Ok but in all seriousness. I was devastated and if someone knows what happened or how this could be prevented - I loved this game and may get back into it.
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