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  1. got one all tower 102+ , no negs around 210ish up
  2. obv, hacked 107 upped item worth 9.7mill to trader. Fun that u ppl dont see it
  3. Hello, I'll pay with mana and I afk the whole game except pressing G;) Post offers, first run i pay after complete, if you are fast and reliable I'll pay up front for the next run. Leave Steam ID
  4. Then you're expecting a psychic to come and answer your question?Yes, or in other words, Jer himself...
  5. I think Jer said it "Should" be out Afternoon-ish today so, Yes.Yea, and we saw what happened last time...
  6. 800-900k with app, 1.6-1.8m with monk buff when duo UMF.
  7. you think they will turn positive in next patch? no they wont. and dont sell for mana you can still exploit it
  8. Be careful when you deal with this guy, he'll steal your stuff without any remorse.Yea, if they lay on the ground and tavern lock is off. I will.
  9. Because I was hoping that at least in a game people would not be greedy ****s.qqq..
  10. Talked with the guy to trade some weapons for his pets, he joined my shop, i dropped the weapons, he loots everything and bolts. My tavern was unlocked. I wouldn't recommend doing business with such a character :(now you hopefully learned to lock your tavern. Exact same thing happened to me and lost an awesome armor set.
  11. Same happens to me, auto fire works but when i try to change the charge time, the script just exits..... help please
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