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  1. 1: This would probably invalidate dedicated anti air defenses to some extend. 2: This is covered by "Strongest" id say. 3: I would like this. It would depend on how "Strongest" is defined though. Most health? Most damage? Most dps? A mix of both? One could debate if there should be a "most dangerous" option too. But then again, if its the most dangerous it could just as well be "strongest".
  2. Im super hyped about DD:A. Thanks for making this. What i noticed when playing the previous DD games. I was always craving a way for towers to focus fire more intelligently. Take for example the towerdefense game Bloons TD6. You can choose for each (singletargeting) tower if they should focus the First, Strongest, Closest or Last enemie in their respective range. This opens up a whole new world of tactic and strategy for the game. If anything it ads the option to be more creative with your defense and i would love to see some form of it in DD:A. Cheers~ Gloobox PS: no softpaywalls, no lootboxes, no epic exclusivity pls, k, thx, bye
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