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  1. Want a waterfall for my Jester, can pay with cubes and dias :)
  2. I haven't gotten an answer from the one on steam so Hans Joachim is getting the item
  3. He hasn't read my msg yet, but he offered a ult++ piece which I could use but I want him to offer some cv too, so there isn't an exact offer yet from him
  4. Cursed brownie is my favorite event item but Eternian spear is my favorite normal item :) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059081656/
  5. My favorite moment was prob when I was farming embermount by myself, where I for some reason decided to jump into the lava right before the boss died, like honestly 1 shot could have killed it, and I just laughed at myself so hard for being so stupid haha. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059081656/
  6. Nope, now i'm a real ghost Will extend the auction by 3 days since I wasn't here for some time and will talk with those who need to talk
  7. A ult+ piece like that is more rare than a standard ult++ piece or ult acc so I support the idea of cencoring it also I bid 8 cv for now :)
  8. Ult++ Dps weps and pets Ult++ tower weps For armor I mostly need ult++ casting plate helm, tower plate helm and boots, tower pristine chest
  9. Helmet was farmed on infested ruins surv. I sadly can't use it myself so it's up for auction. I accept: Cubes, Dias (5/10/15), Ult++ stuff I can use and useful events ( i'll tell you whether I want it or not). End date is 17-12-2019. https://gyazo.com/e3854242f41e0af896df020de8c88b98 ...IC is coming soon
  10. What did E and F do to you?
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