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  1. I accept cubes, dias and the following events: RM: 220 Magi: 100 Pointy hats: 150 Celebracers: 80 Fp: 400 I also accept some ++ pieces (Mail radius, prist app, plate ev, mail hboost) or op ++ wep for app You can msg me on disc Casper#1571 if you got anything I might want End Date: 01-12-2020 (There's a hidden reserve)
  2. I'm looking for these event items, if you are interested pls dm me on disc (Casper#1571) and we'll figure out a price Old one StacheBattlecruiser Debris MaskGenie Kings Prized JewelTeras Magicite BroochLava CuffsAmazing VisionRocks FeatherSomething BlueFearsome Trainers MaskGroovy MaskMagoras MaskPegasus BootsPower Gauntlets
  3. My ev is sad about the current chest, can't let him down, 120 cv
  4. jaytac has offered a ++ piece which I value at 150 cv
  5. Thx for the contest Plane :) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059081656/
  6. Edit: I also accept other ++ armor, edited so you can see what i'm looking for
  7. I accept: Cubes, Dias(5/10/15) and pointy hats, celebracers, fp, RM I also accept other ++ armor I can use: prist app, mail radius, plate ev If a bid was made close to end date, I will extend it by 24 hours (There's a hidden reserve) End Date: 05-11-2020
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