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  1. I accept cubes, dias, pointy hats, celebracers, fp and ++ items I can use (If I really want a ++ item it will most likely be b/o) you can msg me on discord "Casper#1571" if you want to offer ++ items and we can figure out what it will be priced at or if it will be a b/o. There's a hidden reserve :D End date: 31/8
  2. I accept: Dias (5/10/15), Pointy Hats, FPC, Celebracers and ++ Armour (If I can use) End Date: 09-08-2020 (IC incoming)
  3. any chance you will sell the pieces separately?
  4. Thanks alot for this giveaway :) Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059081656/ https://gyazo.com/ace1ce5be257c5d6889e311cacded316 https://gyazo.com/e547c3647ec612789cd3bc7dfda0be0c https://gyazo.com/ed92171b5a6c333685961b0cdad728c2 So yeah it crashed at wave 32 on WW
  5. you have made a mistake....100 cv dice
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