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  1. celebration+NPC+app staff = 550 cv
  2. Aquanos is simply the best map to ever be created https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059081656/
  3. I accept: FP: 600 NPC: 200 Other Pointies: 150 Celebracers: 150 RainMaiker: 160 Magi: 80 Christmas magi: 600 Other special magis: 800 Ginger: 250 cv Lime pie: 250 cv Diamonds: (max of 100 cv) Leather app armour: (looking for something like 2300 pieces) End Date: 23/9 Bids within 24 hours of end date, will extend the auction by another 24 hours You can contact me on discord: C4SP3R#3460
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