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  1. Agreed if I don’t get the gems I bought or the money at least I’ll sue them for scamming people
  2. I emailed directly to the head of the support team it’s something to do with the because this has never happened before he bought gems
  3. Because it’s just happened to my friend now
  4. I just emailed them directly about the issue it’s has something to do with the new update
  5. 2 hours I been waiting they should I bought the £7.99 gems then the £3.99 gems and I was like wtf so I restarted my game still haven’t gotten them so I started to look on YouTube nothing so I went to google and I found this forum page they should give and extra 1k gems for this shit
  6. My gamer tag is Bionic Dragon18 and you been waiting a day and a half that’s bullshit
  7. You play Xbox right so do i we can play tomorrow if you want and how long have you been waiting for your gems
  8. Same goes for me but if it comes to it I’ll sue them for scamming people
  9. I did they same so that I could buy the frost armor for the dryad I haven’t got my gems this bull shit and I’m not impressed if you don’t fix this I’ll sue for scamming
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