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  1. if any of the extra goals were to be hit out the gate i would definitely like to see the riftwalker .
  2. i'm rather confused....the official update we got from chromatic is woefully underwhelming when compared to the trailer that NINTENDO released. that is backwards. at least throw some cool stuff in the update to minimize the masses annoyance of all this exclusivity mess.
  3. they really need someone in pr who actively engages on this forum and on the kickstarter page. it seems like informing the backers is literally the last thing on their minds. and while i find the 'timed exclusivity' annoying, i was already skeptical about playing DD on a console. i was a xb360 dd addict. i still to this day remember the crushing feeling i had when i realized that the consoles were an afterthought and pc was the only platform getting updated (i was a console only gamer at the time). so my key is meant for pc. i will say this though, if there is 'randomly' some epic store exclusivity deal that we hear about from Tim Sweeney first i definitely will be asking for my money back. though it will hurt my heart ... i'll simply wait for a steam release.
  4. glad you're well on the way to recovery. only a few more months
  5. definitely hope this is addressed. while i LOVE dd1 going from insane to nightmare is like jumping from an airplane with no parachute. there is nothing to ease you into it at all. there should have been a few more difficulty levels between insane and nightmare.
  6. i feel if it is implemented, it should only be on the harder difficulties and only optional then. or maybe even implementing a leader board of sorts with records of the quickest 100 builds or something. with the timer always being on but no penalty for going over the time limit. but maybe some sort of cosmetic bonuses given out monthly to the top build times that completed a level. (maybe cool pet auras and animations)
  7. all thee above. while i loved dd1 to bits (and still do) inventory management was literally half of the game. sometimes i get the urge to play and decide against it because of all the folder sorting and such. and no filters or anything. good lord.
  8. i wouldn't mind them if they weren't a worthless timesink and didn't give unfair advantages to people who prefer not to. it would be better if they fit into the mold of the grind that's already there. the further in a game you get, the dailies tend to become worthless and annoying.
  9. cool ideas. i'd like to see pets with more customization and possibly have evolutions (just imagine a baby dragon becoming a awesome serpentine dragon... and when maxed leveled, they had the option to be reset or something (it was kinda sad in dd1 to get pets and outgrowing them. ) i really liked the pet aspect of gameplay in dd1 (haven't played dd2) and think it should be expanded upon. and their range should be definitely tweaked (it makes no sense that a dragon couldn't fly a little further and be a true support) . maybe even have them with equipment to alter their abilities. i'm just hyped to see how DDA turns out. hopefully a fun time like DD1
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