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  1. Hi Chromatic, just thought I show some pictures of stuck copters in Royal Gardens NMHC. Edit: Ignore the inventory photos. I dont know why I can't seem to get rid of them. And the photos repeat themselves...
  2. Hi, is there a bug right now where fire rate on huntress weapons cant be upgraded? I have two miniguns and fire rate cant be upgraded on both... It says I have 5 max upgrade points on it, and I already tried adding other stats first too...
  3. just lost yet another summit run with a bunch of kobolts all running lightning fast through ensnare aura and straight to core. is that supposed to happened or is it a bug?
  4. I cant seem to upgrade the pet power no matter what I try. I have tried adding other stats first to try and unlock pet power but it just doesnt unlock. It says I have 24 max upgrade points too. What do I do?
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to ask around whats the best they've got or know whats decent/best for either mista mine, prop cat pet or tower attack rate gemstone? This is so I know what to aim for when farming these 3 pets. I am asking particularly how much stats/pet power and upgrades to aim for :) Thanks all <3
  6. 1) If mage dps, max projectile count and range damage for staff. If huntress dps, max fire rate and ranged damage. 2) Get a good prop cat pet from alch lab survival. The higher the power, the better. Max pet power and attack for the pet. 3) Get amazing gear and max armour and attack in all
  7. Are dark elves meant to attack cores in nightmare mode? Lost a few times now because they target cores when I run ancient mines nightmare survival hardcore.
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering whether anyone knows whats the strongest pet cat stats? All the pet cats I've been getting are all common quality and the max upgrade level I have is just level 14. Are there any rare or legendary quality for the pet cats? Asking so I know whether its worth grinding the farm for this pet :) Thanks guys, any answers are appreciated!
  9. Found a way around it, just connect to a different server base guys
  10. I've been trying to enter the game for the past few hours but it always tells me the connection keeps timing out. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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