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  1. As Moose said, this is very annoying as there was a lot of effort put into these accessories/ the cosmetic set and a lot of people were very excited for it (myself included), straight up not being able to use it is a bummer.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Manyux/
  3. To give some feedback on the new beta, there's a few cosmetic changes that really bother me. First and in my opinion most importantly there's the changes to the ToE accessory set, so I do like the sparkles and trail it currently has, but the eye just looks HORRIBLY out of place and isn't even symmetrical on top of that. I'd much rather have it be the sandstorm set effect it was before. Then some of the item icons that were changed, I think that the previous ones looked much better for the Wasp, Candy Cane and Rudolph's Spare Nose. Last but not least, the Chicken baller. It's "new" model is just absolutely horrid and looks terrible in my opinion, I do like the new colors it comes in though. Having an entirely new model would be super nice, but the old model with the new colors would already be a BIG improvement. Really hoping to see ToE Set/Chicken baller getting changes. The ace of spades monk weapon seems to be bugged, the character is holding it backwards. Besides those things the update still looks amazing and I'm super excited to have it on ranked \o/
  4. Basically what everyone else already said, fun map - very unrewarding. Moose did a really good job explaining the problem of those pets and I fully support what he said
  5. Actually making me run this map to 35 SMH
  6. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Manyux/ I ran both the new maps nmhc with Thales before this post existed \o/
  7. Moraggo is big gay, enter me into the general pool I guess :shrug: for anyone who's interested, I put my Aquanos time below, if you wanna know anything about it hit me up on Discord: Manyu#1337
  8. Magicite + Azure Peak = 115 cv
  9. Magicite on chain gloves (90cv)
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