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  1. Sarc

    WTT event items

    Bump. Still looking for gaia's. Happy to work a deal out.
  2. Sarc

    WTT event items

    One down one to go. For some reason the site added some random persons bow? I tried to delete it and no luck.
  3. Sarc

    WTT event items

    Yea I'd be down. Going to shoot you a pm
  4. Sarc

    WTT event items

    Bump. Still looking.
  5. Sarc

    WTT event items

    Looking to trade a few event items. Mainly looking for waterfall and gaia's last gift. I have some cubes and the following events... Black Magic, Azure Peak, Ploutonion, and maybe more depending on what deal we work out.
  6. To be honest there is very little reason to drag out dd1 keys or the dd2 skin. They had a month from the start of the kickstarter to the end to get a system figured out. I assumed it would be a week or so from the end of it to the time surveys were being wrapped up. Turns out it took a week for them to post a message at all that really didn't say a lot. They never even updated the goal graphic to show 450k. 90% of why I backed was to get the dd1 keys for friends that really wanted to play. I am still not convinced this won't be another dde. Very slow updates, no progress on surveys with no time line, a focus on getting more money instead of rewarding the ones who already paid, etc etc makes me super nervous. I have a hard time buying that they can turn a few gifs into a full game by October. Have they shown a map being run at all? Even deeper well with only squire towers would be something. This entire thing has left me a bit annoyed with them. They got 450k and didn't even post anything to kickstarter for a week and now the digital codes are up in the air till who knows when.
  7. Buddy got lucky and hit an ult ++ first run. Here to sell it for him. He is very new and looking for armor sets / diamonds (even noncaps). No real need for cubes. Ideally would like complete builder sets (trans sup) / non caps or maybe single caps if this gets high enough. No real reserve, probably won't let this run very long. Let's put a b/o at 10 cv but again would prefer builder sets
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