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  1. Sarc

    WTT event items

    Bump. Still looking for gaia's. Happy to work a deal out.
  2. Sarc

    WTT event items

    One down one to go. For some reason the site added some random persons bow? I tried to delete it and no luck.
  3. Sarc

    WTT event items

    Yea I'd be down. Going to shoot you a pm
  4. Sarc

    WTT event items

    Bump. Still looking.
  5. Sarc

    WTT event items

    Looking to trade a few event items. Mainly looking for waterfall and gaia's last gift. I have some cubes and the following events... Black Magic, Azure Peak, Ploutonion, and maybe more depending on what deal we work out.
  6. Buddy got lucky and hit an ult ++ first run. Here to sell it for him. He is very new and looking for armor sets / diamonds (even noncaps). No real need for cubes. Ideally would like complete builder sets (trans sup) / non caps or maybe single caps if this gets high enough. No real reserve, probably won't let this run very long. Let's put a b/o at 10 cv but again would prefer builder sets
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