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  1. No need for perfect pierce any will do
  2. I’m not sure but I got lots of perfect mod setting, I’ll check once I’m on i have it I’m selling it for 7.5 mill
  3. I don’t think chromatic would change the ascension rework, it’s just too much work, I just don’t see this happening guys I mean too many bugs on the system is bug it’s just get patch then another problem occurs after another. Sorry to point this out into reality, but it looks like your gonna have 4 monks or more in your game. The bright side is at least you can coloured your monk or name that particular build. Example: Flame the other Lightning ther Skyguard and so on. In this way you won’t be confused which monk for this particular defence. So good luck
  4. I can feel your anger and frustrations friend, I only have 3 guilded distraction , it might help to get mass distruction on mastery it helps the build plus it’s just good, just need some patience. Either spend some money to get the shard or just play ch7 37 times and get 1000 dm and get the stupid shard. It’s seems our only hopeless option since we cannot sell or trade shards.
  5. Just to be fair I m considering him as my next hero since I m terrible at Drayad or is the Drayad terrible now.
  6. Looks like your wanting to play with the big guy and need build help it’s ok you can say it
  7. AFK Umm afk is the term use for not doing anything, like sleeping or doing no work so please go ahead post a video I’d be willing to give you the 100 m but do remember also that if you loose you loose 100m. Power surge cannot be afk. It’s 100% win it’s almost like I pour water onto a wood and you try to light a fire. So it’s not happening
  8. I bet you 100mill you cannot afk power surge prime and return of malthius prime, so brag with caution. I will also guarantee I’ll double my bet that you will back out on this bet. No worries it’s ok to back out on this bet.
  9. The temple is a aoe problem then there’s the pirate ship in high seas That’s a problem
  10. Neoneo

    Lots of c7-c8 amp

    Let me know what you need C7 99per = 5M c8 each- 3M
  11. It would be useful if thier is some kind of counter indicator when the next roll is 287 is about to happened. Cause I know some people who auto rolled pass it I’m one of them people.
  12. As mentioned above the Drayad was once an awesome defender, if you look up in YouTube a player use Drayad only to finish the onslaught and just by watching everything on the Drayad was working even the Beez are destroying everything within its range, but for some reason after couple of updates it got weirder.
  13. imo lavamancer is practical counter of frost, equip it with any shard and mod that counters with frost enemies, I guarantee you it will make frost lane easier. Cheers
  14. The old Drakefrost has the best drops of everything and just for the fun of it don’t place any tower defence if you feel a little bit of challenge and just nuke everything but if you fell lazy just do the automation
  15. If The Bs Attck they completely obliterated but sometimes when I’m elsewhere on the map they somehow don’t do there job. It feels like the Bs need to be supervised in order for them to do the stinging otherwise if no ones around they just disappear or do nothing, I mean I like the Bs because of low DU cost but they seem not motivated to go to work unless supervised. So I’m gonna fired them. And try something else on the Drayad.
  16. Yea I constantly need them I’m willing to buy 99 per stack for 900k I need lots ps4
  17. I have both them grave and frost but sometimes there’s a delay on proc or it’s not proc but I found to solve these issue by adding banjaxed but then I lost the pierced then that’s another issue
  18. Switch there’s plenty of me pristine around I’ll be more than happy to give you the same deal just because I’m a giver not a hater. Just message me
  19. I’m not sure what’s up with Frostfire chip, Sometimes it just completely obliterate everything or sometime it’s not working, does anybody out there notice that? I mean I’ve had this weapon before then and it does it’s job but lately I notice the delay of proc. Or not working.
  20. Too much DU on WM use it on proton or Reflect but not on buff because it’s just wrong but it’s your mod. Good luck
  21. So I was kind of right beez are bugged, Darn I kinda have my hopes up on the Drayad too, I should have went for the big guy. Oh well at least she looks good. Thanks Jaws
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