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  1. Neoneo

    Perfect 10 mod

    How much are you willing to pay playertt
  2. Neoneo


    PvP is much fun is just is and win a good loot. Period then it’s no end game it’s just keeps going
  3. Haha I play on ps4 and for some reason all the people that I see has at least 40 plus reset I’m not sure in other systems I’m only on my 24th I think and yea I’m getting bored but we’ll see either get bored or have it all whichever I fell wins . It would be nice to have a pvp on this game just to see how much strong you are
  4. Where is the screen shot of where you are before?
  5. How many reset have you done jaws?
  6. Neoneo

    Perfect 10 mod

    I got defence range and controller 10/10 starting bid 40 mill each ps4 only
  7. Carries is good, I can carry you but Like I mentioned I need payment, carry is good it will boost your ascension, You will also learn if someone carries you. I m not saying these guys are wrong they are experienced players but if you know how take advantage of the game in short amount of time then do so. No need to think too hard. Best of luck
  8. Yes until you surpass the last floor before you reset it will always be the same asc. It’s a long road ahead so do what I do grab lots of coffee and Gatorade bottle. Rinse and repeat. The Gatorade bottles are for washroom never on empty coffe cup cause it has no led. And it may spill and it’s just not good. It’s also wise to have a bottle of febrese bottle spray to keep you smelling fresh. Good luck I’ve share you some top secret stuff to save the wasted time which also a waste if you realize once. But there you go
  9. I can get you to floor 50 for 5 mill then if you still wanna go further we can talk prices but let’s start with this since this is a carry and a lot of work otherwise your going to wait until someone plays that floor . I’ll work for you since I need some cash
  10. Just be careful he lures you in don’t be stupid like me don’t trade without the cash
  11. Neoneo


    Yea that’s good too
  12. Petrify is awesome defence imo,
  13. Neoneo


    Is it possible for this game to have pvp in order for it to moved forward?
  14. Neoneo

    Mark Mod

    I figured as much. But I purchase 1 just to try but thanks for the info.
  15. Just a question to the veteran players, does mark mod is better than medallion cause I’ve seen players selling it like 2 mil and up. I guess the main question is does it have that much different when equip?
  16. Just remember when you get perfect 10 it reset again
  17. Hmm try using alternative defence like a high range. Like the volcano or the apprentice earth it should reach np.
  18. Just exit the game and wait then go back in and put a tower then you should clear the map
  19. I have not seen them skeleton at Bastille I only see bad build
  20. The skeleton also shows up on prime blinking and they can spawn right in front of the gate. The worst part for me was after I win the wave 4 that’s when the pop up right at the gate. So yea a lot of players already reported this but I think chromatic added them just missed you up. So add a tower right in front of the gate and you should be ok. Happy defenders
  21. I’m also a victim of scam just recently I’ve lose my auto meow, just put the money amount and you should be ok I think his user name has weed in it So beware
  22. Neoneo

    New prime

    I played it solo and failed a lot but I only need 1 win so I’m happy, I m only looking forward for the shard and good times since I’m planning to reset and also the weapon I have terrible luck but I scrap a lot of lunar and North Pole because they are taking over the enventory. well back to onslaught and lots of coffee to keep my eyes awake, I let my brain go to sleep and my hands are auto pilot and I only need one eye to play every 2 hrs and switch to othe other eye to continuously play.So this is my secret and coffe talking. Oh yea of course I thought of going to the bathroom so I have plenty of empty Gatorade bottle beside me. Cheers
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