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  1. Neoneo

    Perfect 10 helm

    I have a a heavy helm 10 looking for a trade for chest or helm 10 damaged buff ps4
  2. Maybe I’m asking the wrong question. If chromatic decided to add the hyper shard for farming, would you farm it?
  3. Neoneo


    Hmmm maybe I should ask this question. If for some reason chromatic decided that they add pvp on the game would you play it?
  4. The game is about creating your own defence that suites your style. I’m only suggesting this is how I want it, by all means if you enjoy a game of struggle then why almost all player and non veterans complain on micro little details. If I’m playing OP is always my choice it’s how I do it. Your choice
  5. Neoneo

    Perfect 10 mod

    Like I mentioned in the beginning of this topic that it be nice for chromatic and it makes the game more beautiful to have a some kind of warning or signal that you have enough resources to just skip the rolls and get perfect 10 instead of clicking yes or. I mean having clicking 286 is a torture or accident that is going to happened guarantee. I mean like the game like it isn’t redundant enough towards repeat wave after wave map after map floors after floor.
  6. Neoneo


    Its a suggestion, but if you think outside the box anything can be done of the current game. Here’s another idea how about like reset to play even in pvp if you choose to play pvp your character will be transformed back to campaign lvl when your inside the pvp area. So no Super powerful character everything is equal lvl except your playing style only determines the outcome. So there are plenty of ways to go on pvp route, like any other game they have to come up something good. I have a few ideas of how this simple grinding game can have a different flavour or come out so the tedious grinding of the game created can be less abrupt to a dull redundant after a few repeat. The game has to have a different angle in order for it to move on. I can’t speak for the players after campaign or even after chaos and call it quits because it’s just nothing but grinding flavours.
  7. Hmm if you think your too powerful you can always challenge yourself taking off the shard on your mod and play the game or better yet don’t place any tower and win the game it’s what I do sometimes. My suggestion is start playing draken frost chaos 1-7 without any defence. Let me know how you do it. Best of luck
  8. You can change your mod to whatever you feel like the your only concerned is the cost and you can’t stack the same servo or chip ex. modA: anti mele anti mele it limits you for repeat or similar effect. Other than that you can do whatever you want to whatever suits your defending style. Best of luck
  9. I couldn’t care which floor or difficult as long as they’re obtainable I’m good either 1.
  10. Ninja let me say this in short, write your idea to chromatic, instead of trying to reasoned with these guys to agree with you.And then grind.
  11. Just wish we could gilded these hyper shards that would truly be an endgame finally
  12. I think it was mentioned that if you complete all prime the the last hyper shard is a reward
  13. Mass distruction that’s a good shard.too bad it’s lost, but the other shard are obtainable by playing prime incursion the first prime is good And the 5th I’d skip the rest but you can beat it if you wanna challenge the game
  14. Neoneo

    Perfect 10 mod

    I’ve done it once also cried about it.
  15. Hi kitty what time your on? I’m thinking if you still have couple of resets to do why don’t we carry each other per 5 reset. So you carry me 5 resets we do 10 floor per play then until reset then all the other player do is help guard then repeat until 5 reset is complete
  16. Neoneo

    Perfect 10 mod

    Yup rerolls are great, but I wish theirs an option that prompts if you have 286 rerolls it would automatically convert a choice of your servo or chip. Then you save time clicking each reroll 1 at a time, that to me is nuisance.
  17. I think I’ll stop after 40 reset or when I get bored that’s my end game will see how I feel. Let’s climb together
  18. I fall asleep on build plus’s we get exp bonus
  19. Neoneo

    Perfect 10 mod

    Ha ha you got lucky just like me I purchase 1 tenacity for 5 mill then I accidentally deleted it . So I cried about it for a while.
  20. Ha ha you probably can op me I think, since your veteran no doubt, I’m no where near that ascension, but I’m also confident I can beat you too but too bad we won’t find out because there is no pvp. But know it seems like you wanted pvp just a bit.
  21. Neoneo

    Perfect 10 mod

    Not true reroll 286 cost a lot of mana and gold 99 pristine sells 12 mill and it cost 11k x3 pristine per roll a c7 so that’s gonna triple the 40 mill but you do whatever you like I’m just selling
  22. Neoneo


    I’m positive that if chromatic add pvp I’m sure a lot of player will play it just to see how tough there hero build, it’s just how things work.
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