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  1. I cried when I over rolled, just watch where you throw your controller, it’s common to players when frustrated to throw the controller, just make sure not on the screen or it will broke the screen and the controller, don’t random throw it or you might hit a person then break the controller and of course injured the person, don’t also throw it out the window it’s possible you could hit something like a duck, a rabbit, a squirrel, a skunk, an old lady out walking, a person named archaic lotus ( this is ok, please throw something heavier to make sure this person is completely down cause it will make everyone fell better) a car, a cow or something then break your controller. So you don’t wanna do that when your frustrated and over rolled the servo or chip. Instead have a big fluffy pillow and throw your controller on that pillow, I guarantee you will fell a little better. Then just play the game. Happy defending. note: once archaic read this he or she will be furious and right something dumb. that he or she alone thinks he or she thinks it’s a good comeback because his a proud veteran of dd2 and a lover user of the Drayad.
  2. Very the same happens to me I have probably missed 1 place but it in time it gave me
  3. Viscous is good enough I’m going to do it I’ll try the others and let you know this is going to be long trip since AP is envolve in order to get but at least it’s give me something to look forward since the rewards on onslaught is not that significant
  4. I agree prime is easier cause thier is no rules compare to mastery but I just can’t be blame going after for more power, just wanted to do other things onslaught gets boring sometimes I’m only on my 28th AP and halfway burned out but these news of getting more hyper shard is good, I know veterans are going to do it even for meta player maybe. But the temptation of getting more hypers are too good to pass by otherwise.
  5. Gosh ty for sharing this discovery and time to get nerdy and play dd2 until burned out, Ty for sharing my friend. This just proves my theory of what if thier is a way of guilding hyper shard.I know those other nerdy veteran like archaic are going after it even he said he won’t . I know he will because his just a veteran nerd.
  6. Hi just wanted to make sure, before I do it, So if I reset and redo the prime map I could end up with possibly guilded shard? Did you try each prime if you get mass distruction? Or viscous?
  7. Yes I did tried to upgrade but it resets itself normally the number fixed itself
  8. It’s a campaign lvl that I picked up but look at the defence power it’s c6-c7 equivalent it’s still in my inventory I’m tempted to upgrade I wonder if this a glitch on ps4
  9. Lol I will no comment it’s just too funny. I’m glad your on the leaderboard of a game. I’m sure your parents are very much happy that your on the leader board of dungeon defender I’m sure they can’t wait to tell the world. I’m happy for you, I’m also glad that your a veteran of this game I’m sure all those time you spend on mom’s basement sure paid off I mean wow on the leaderboard so much time on the game on the couch or chair.This is an achievement I could never compete cause I work pretty much then play dd2 when ever I have little bit of time but I did in a little bit of time what veteran accomplished years of playing I did it in shorter time but I’m still happy. Good job Arcaic keep playing man. Good for you
  10. This debate and statement is stupid, All in all switchblade made it right in short statement rather than trying to defend or reason. The game is pretty straight forward spend hours in game is just simply make every player op. And there is no other reason. Regardless whatever build you go it’s always gonna be op compare to the players who started or play less. The game is all that period, end of story. And the only genuine player that I know is mr. juice bag he plays game that he likes, help players and at the same time make money. That’s a win win
  11. I wanna see zombie delete his account and beat prime then I’ll say your the best. But I already know you won’t but I would like to challenge you to that top player
  12. I don’t know what happened it was fine then this happens. So the mod is at campaign state but the tier is at c7 but the servo that’s with it it’s campaign I mean that’s pretty high for campaign lvl
  13. Haha someone ask me for everything I have and I said yes then log out
  14. As long as it makes you happy.
  15. This is old and its seems to me a lot of du, I think 1 man amp seems the best build atm, from Mr.juice. Personally I don’t use it it’s fun build, I have tried it but the switching seems like a lot of effort, I just use the lazy 2 node WM to climb onslaught it used 200 du per lane and less switching around
  16. Don’t we all could use a perfect tenacity, the fastest way is just roll it my friend buy approximately 286 roll no less more is better but you just need 286 of reroll to get anything you want perfect. Otherwise your gonna be waiting for ages and if player has it likely they sell it starting 40 mill and above. It’s a good servo only to those smart to use it. Oh yea your mod has to be chaos 8 in order for it to be 100 percent
  17. Neoneo

    Perfect mod cc

    I’m selling a perfect cc ps4 , I’m taking offers I also take codes
  18. I don’t know what happened it was fine then this happens. So the mod is at campaign state but the tier is at c7 but the servo that’s with it it’s campaign I mean that’s pretty high for campaign lvl
  19. Hi guys just wondering if did any body made it to floor 999 since all the update.? I know a player did made it since over a year ago, but I just realized that the map wave was 3/3 on the temple I think now a days as you go high on onslaught the temple has 6 waves.
  20. That’s right you never know cause that got me thinking why would they offer guilding unless these hyper shards unless they are planning something or a maybe. In the future but my gues if they decided to guild it either it’s a daunting impossible task and the only option would be buying it since guilding a hyper is just over kill.
  21. I’d pay 20 mill for it np if you selling it, I wouldn’t pay 40mill just because I’m not sure it’s going to work after the trade is complete
  22. Just use Weapon Manufacturers but leave room not to spawn camp I use lightning for damage, just need to moved fast and kill quick and place a defence at the gate sometimes enemies just out of nowhere some how appears right at the gate. If you do that you should be ok. I could help you but only on PS4 and some money y ty carry you. It can be done by yourself or a team I find it easier to play this map alone. Good luck
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