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  1. Looking for C8 Servo 1 Shocking Revelation 8-10 2 Power Servo 8-10 2 Range servo 8-10 dont know what’s the pricing for these so let’s work something out or trade name what need or price which ever is good
  2. Neoneo

    Global Market

    Hi first of all Id like to say to the creator of this game, that this game is awesome and fun, I just started on this game and got hooked. So enough about that. Problem: So I guess since thier so many item on the game and then when your trying to buy or sell an item, is you to wait for other players to show up which is time consuming and frustrating and vice versa when you are selling an item you have to be in the game. Suggestions/Solutions: I would like to see a global market, just like a bank but a market, where players can sell or purchase an item or sell the item they store in the global market and collect the price when they logged on. Maybe add a private storage for the sellers storage for those who wanted it for special requests Final thought: its a rough Idia but I think If this is added in the game many players would enjoy it.
  3. 5 uncommon bar = 200-300k 5 gold bar = 400-600k name: invento place: ps4 / 8pm/ outside door of private bar / I’m the monk waiting or message me thanks
  4. Which map in c8 drop gold and crystals?
  5. Minimum 60-70 power medallion, with range at least 8/10 Or power damaged of 8/10 or critical damaged 8/10 and price
  6. Let me know tonight I’m on around 830sh my user name is Invento, I’m also looking for power servo and damage if you have let me know the price I’m looking for lvl 8-10
  7. Yea you got me right, but isn’t raw power is what’s it all about to get you through this game? Need some of those high power medallion if any is selling name your price feel free to contact me here
  8. I got a medallion last night with 42 power it only gets me to 390dps but maybe I’ll get lucky tonight with. C7 farming and get a high power medallion
  9. I’m looking for high lvl medallion like 60-70 power damaged and range, I’m currently chaos 7, let me know the price thanks
  10. I think I got 99 for 100k let me know my user name is invento
  11. I m still in ch6 working my way to 7 I guess I’m long way to go, is it just any medallion?
  12. I’m trying to get my Flame Auras to at least reach 2mill dps my attack rate is .3 max and My dps is just 200k. And I’m using a totem how do I increase the dps to 2 mill minimum any help ?
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