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  1. So you can hired me to company you through the game. This is the price as follows. any of ch1-3 , 50k / victory ch4 100k / victory ch5 200k/ victory ch6 150k/ victory Ch7 200k/ victory ch8 300k/ victory payment is done before playing
  2. Hi guys just wanted to know what I did wrong., so I tried to make petrify relic , so I add earth + poison and it tells me it’s invalid. Can someone smart enough to help me out what I did wrong? Thanks.
  3. Just as the title said message me here I play on ps4
  4. Me jaws you gave me an Idia, I will try this
  5. I’m selling 200k / per how many would you like
  6. So I think the topic is pretty straight forward to farming So is thier a way that the game developers could add an auto button to continue playing ?
  7. Hi switchblade I’m on let me know when you ready
  8. Look if you have nothing to look forward how bout helping me out at onslaught 49 that’ll be something and appreciated
  9. Cool : I’m normally on around between 9-10pm I’ll message you, just equip automation if you have cause I don’t I just do oil and fire game name: Invento.
  10. Need help to do this onslaught Can you help?
  11. Can steam player play with ps4? If yes I’d like to help
  12. Neoneo

    Tenacity ch8 9/10

    How much is this in market atm?
  13. Any idia which place drops these shards?
  14. So I tried ancient power after floor 42 on onslaught, just cause I couldn’t do it alone or probably didn’t have the proper gear. But to receive 1 point for a tiny percentage is made me cry, cry mentally of course I’m not sure what other players did after first time but that’s what I did. Now I’m just working to C2 again, with full of rage. But at least the game developer could’ve thrown a little better deal than 1 small fraction point to encourage me to do it again. So my suggestion to anyone reading this don’t do it. Stay away from that green alien, don’t be curious of what is ancient power, Don’t visit that place, don’t click on ancient power. That’s just me, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  15. Hey guys I’m not sure if this would work Hydro Canister+ Shocking Rev. ? Without water servo would it work? Then it will save room for mod. Has anyone tried this yet?
  16. Is thier a servo I need in order for my towers not freeze in here?
  17. Im not sure what is anti range does this mean dragon and harpoon throwers or anything does range attacks? And could I add this range servo on Skyguard ? Or can I do it in any towers? and what’s is pierce servo?
  18. Just wondering is thier a limit of how big does the flame aura range gets? Or can it even cover the whole area cause that would be wicked cool.?
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