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  1. Juice bags guide is good but if your on high onslaught it won’t hold up they recently debuff reflect beam by 80 percent of its power which sucks. But sound to me you need to start farming shards
  2. Need a good group farming crystal betsy lately I have been farming myself but, I have no luck, I’d like to try a complete group, we don’t stop until everyone gets one at least, and if you ever get extra one share it with the our group who hasn’t got one, so basically I’m looking for competent players who knows how to run the map quickly, my build is pretty solid I’ve run it many times, or if you have good build for this map we can work together, switching or whatever works, but basically hunting for crystal betsy. If you are after the same and knows the map without blowing my skyguard build th
  3. I’m offering 15 mill a pc or we can work out some trade or price. Platform is ps4
  4. I’m buying green or purple for 90 mill each ps4 let me know
  5. If this happened again just completely log out unplug wait awhile then log back in you should be ok
  6. Yes it happens just log out is ps4 wait a while then go back should be ok
  7. Hi jumble have you finished floor 999 ? You seem bored ? Then do what I do make a new account and start from scratch and don’t cheat carry then you will see then when you climbed up again then do what I do make a pc account from scratch again and then when you climb again then do what I do again make a new account from Xbox then so on every time you start new it’s like why do I do this to myself but before you have an answer you will be just continue playing dd without reason. Do this I think this well help you sleep better at night same as I do. Don’t give up playing dd like other players out
  8. I’ve had this problem when starting a new avatar, how I fix it if you’re on pc is to completely delete the game reload and start a complete new character go trough the tutorials swiftly when you get in the game log out completely and log in to your old account it should work, same with ps4. You can thank me if this work by donating an old relic like orb or mark my pc or PS4 is invento
  9. Do you still have this for sale?
  10. That means you have it check your cosmetics,
  11. Jantou I see you on ps4 have your team finished?
  12. Lol definitely a glitch it happens to me to too don’t upgrade it won’t go any further
  13. Jantou where can I find ransoms build spreadsheets?
  14. Will you be climbing dda onslaught as well? Cause it’s coming I am cheering for your team
  15. I’m cheering for them to finish dd2 cause dda onslaught is coming soon once it’s constructed I hope it’s a million floor .
  16. Could be true 64mill is not that far my c7 gear can do 32mill at tier 5
  17. Mocha you are reading it right then rinse a repeat after washing then cycle start again for AP this is what the game is about. Then when your tired of DD2 DDA is waiting for hit cycle start again
  18. Your almost there when your done onslaught 999 DDA onslaught will be waiting for you
  19. Lol go to your inventory check power then it tells you how much ascension you gain no need for math it simply calculates how much your getting but if you have plenty of time to do math do what Exglint says from the comment above me
  20. Hi this totally unrelated to your question but what platform of system are you on and my second question is do you have an old mod or relics like orbs or marks I’d like to purchase them
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