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  1. Try prime 3 power surge This one is difficult for me by myself
  2. Hi guys just wanted to warned other players on private trading. I got scammed by this person # ModzIsMyWeed1332 He didn’t complete the trade after he got the trade and just log out.Looks like scammers are here too. Just a friendly alert.
  3. Yes we were, people were selling un opened shard but then once it’s open you are not able to sell it, and this is happening in ps4 but then after an update you were not able to sell it.
  4. Switchblade couldn’t agreed with you more
  5. All I said that the drop expected drop was not right or fair while I’m getting a lot of lunar or gobu some people are not getting them instead they are getting more of what I’m getting and they are not getting of what I’m getting how do you value that? So if you can’t get gobu or dragonist or whatever it is your not getting and I’m getting what you want per win, I can just jack up the price because that’s rare? And it goes both ways.? The fact is it the level of difficulty does not matter I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned that except you. But if winning after winning no loot expectation is just no point if playing the map. I like onslaught I like mastery because of different style of difficulty structured of the game and of course the loot drop are different from campaign and chaos. And of course the drake frost it’s no walk in the park without proper gear but yet the weekly rotation of expectation of loot drops which makes it fun.
  6. Hi, Just wanted to complain about the Prime incursion drop is terrible, It’s dropping weapon other than what’s its expected weapon, and the drop rate of weapon expected are some point base of estimation of winning play is 1 of 10 meaning I get 1 item of prime expected prime weapon between winning 10 game. Please fix this problem and have 1 of expected loot drop per win. Just like Drakefrost every week the weapon drop that you get for that week is what you get at least it’s not random and chances which makes the game enjoyable and less frustrating. Thank you
  7. Also a fair point, but I’m getting a lot of incursion drop rather than the drop loot that is supposed to get after winning which added to the frustration, I hope they fixed this issue cause the drop is terrible it should be like drake frost that weekly a correct loot expectation of what your supposed to get that week is what you get. Which makes it perfect.
  8. I never played dd1 I started dd2 on ps4 and I used to buy them from other players.
  9. That would be very fair my friend
  10. We used to buy or sell shards from other players why we can’t anymore? Can we get this back?
  11. I remember when I started we used to be able to sell or buy shards from other players. Do you think we could get back to that it would be nice rather than spending defender medals. Let me know what you human think.
  12. PS4: let me know which and how many, and how much your paying, we can negotiate or trade, which ever works is good.
  13. Selling lots of North Pole 200k ea. I’m on Ps4. Please let me know how many would you like
  14. I’m venting out cause I got some time, been playing this map for about 3-4 hours total per day, but I’m not getting prime weapon that I wanted or worst I get weapon nothing related to prime map promised, instead I got a lot of North Pole which is not prime related but incursion. PLEASE FIX THE DROP SO THAT EVERY ONE IS HAPPY, incursion drops are not prime drops end of story. So I’m gonna stop playing prime until I got nothing else to do on onslaught which I’m still working and please make the floor go to 1 million just for the fun of it and have good drops and maybe limit the players playing after every 100k until one player can only play the map so that it’s impossible to play. That’s about it. Thank you for reading. I appreciate both of our semi wasted time. Seriously fixed the loot
  15. Sorry the only drop I got from p3 is the knife forgot what’s it’s called and I think the bow
  16. Hey thank you and I’ve seen you around on game and played my user name is INVENTO1014 let me know when your on
  17. Let me know how many you buying and time /place
  18. I just reset today I’d be happy to give you a c8 amp with it since I’m frustrated, and desperate for some reason deathwing has eluded me or could be part of programming error, who knows, let me know if your ok with the trade, will go on some private and do some private trading. Oh yea time and place could be helpful for meet up.
  19. That’s because I’m not on that name
  20. I’m tired of farming never got a single deathwing I’ve got a bunch of Northpole so I m doing some onslaught I gues
  21. How about we trade with your deathwing with my gobu I’ve got couple of them
  22. I’ve got most of the weapon and all are ch8 the only weapon eluded me so far is deathwing which frustrating
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