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  1. I’m not sure how you get your statistics # of hours of play time and achieve goals, but if it’s base on personal experience then everyone is different since some of us play different # of hours plus personal experience is significantly different from statistics, which a series of test factors. All I mentioned was if some individuals had that amount of gp then it has a significant advantage compare to some players that has limited.
  2. No farming on gold either, like I said if you have minimum of at least 1B it’s just smoother ride
  3. All that explanation but really all you need is lots of gold like 1b ready for expend then you have no trouble otherwise just farm
  4. Hint: you should spend about 2 mill per reset times 8 reset and it should cost you less after 8 reset and so on
  5. Why is it I can no longer combined Water Servo and Shocking Rev. Is this bug. Or they limit?
  6. Need lots of PMotes about 500-1000 100-125k per 99 batch
  7. Wow every one are using sgt, I use to think like that to, but now I just use LS with W max range everything, it only cost 20 and don’t need to worry about anything. It’s what I do I tried to be efficient and distructive and max reach.
  8. I’ll trade that with amp 8
  9. What’s wtb? Don’t really need it but I might be able to use it so 2 mill
  10. Need 5-10 batch of 99pcs 100k per batch
  11. I have a lot of this servo I’m selling it cheap too 150k and up I’ll message you here once I’m on I’m normally on around 6pm ps4
  12. Stop with these stupid Idia nonsense, people calling it End Game there is no end game unless you finished all the floors, post your video on YouTube you playing the game on the last floor, if you can’t do that then your just lying. I respect for those few people who beat the last floor and much of there precious time wasted.
  13. This happens a lot on some lanes for example the temple, So I just keep it safe and place my best defence and it works out
  14. Turn off everything including internet wait for 2 minutes then restart everything and pray
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