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  1. That means you have it check your cosmetics,
  2. Jantou I see you on ps4 have your team finished?
  3. Lol definitely a glitch it happens to me to too don’t upgrade it won’t go any further
  4. Jantou where can I find ransoms build spreadsheets?
  5. Will you be climbing dda onslaught as well? Cause it’s coming I am cheering for your team
  6. I’m cheering for them to finish dd2 cause dda onslaught is coming soon once it’s constructed I hope it’s a million floor .
  7. Please comment on how much
  8. Could be true 64mill is not that far my c7 gear can do 32mill at tier 5
  9. Mocha you are reading it right then rinse a repeat after washing then cycle start again for AP this is what the game is about. Then when your tired of DD2 DDA is waiting for hit cycle start again
  10. Your almost there when your done onslaught 999 DDA onslaught will be waiting for you
  11. Lol go to your inventory check power then it tells you how much ascension you gain no need for math it simply calculates how much your getting but if you have plenty of time to do math do what Exglint says from the comment above me
  12. Hi this totally unrelated to your question but what platform of system are you on and my second question is do you have an old mod or relics like orbs or marks I’d like to purchase them
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