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  1. Actually Mr. Juice played floor 487 with the original heroes the monk /huntress/apprentice/squire. With out the Drayad: and other op heroes. It’s on YouTube check it out.
  2. Nop I believe you otherwise it would have work, I just tried it if anyone has found a solution in this, it’s just when you have too many many monks and you need to distinguish them quickly without reading the name.
  3. I’m not sure what I’m missing but In the pirate monk outfit in order for a player is to simply like dd2 in Facebook in the the dd2 title screen so I simply followed it but did not received the custom or the outfit does any body have this problem? Or can anyone tell me what I’m missing? I’m on ps4 thanks
  4. Hi guys anyone in pc who can help me do prime 5 spectral and altar, Since ps4 and pc can’t crossover I need help with this noob account, I’m on right now east on pc or steam let me know if you I’ll pay 1 mill for your trouble, I’m staying on for 2 hrs thanks
  5. Serious what have been smoking all the time your topic is way off all the time give it a rest dude it’s bad for the brain. You do still remember where it is don’t you?
  6. Automation is really good without upgrading it just slap it in and head to darken frost town and farm good time to take a break from onslaught
  7. Is this mean your doing meta build once dda is out because you stay true to your word?
  8. Is this mean your doing meta build once dda is out because you stay true to your word?
  9. Boomerang always comes back when thrown and some bugs you can’t just get rid off. And some clowns are just not funny.
  10. It is and it also not, for those who favored, I see it as if anything, more as in preference like any other, any vets. player who’s gear are all set more likely to favour not to bother with it, since AP is like a cumbersome path with a small reward unless it’s repeated 10x then slowly the difference will be notice.Im hoping CG will just leave it be. Just for someone like me or other players something to do.
  11. I’m working on my fourth, please do not take it out, the grinding of repeat AP and the cost to get it is almost impossible task, it will take forever to guild them but at least it’s difficulty of obtaining it’s unique item makes it worth the grind. Since you only get a set of hypers per reset. I myself don’t think this is worthy the grind and maybe be given up before at least getting what it guild. The difficulty of getting it is not impossible but just work and time of effort of obtaining it makes climbing onslaught or doing prime walk in the park. Please keep this unintentional bug. Thanks
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