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  1. Thanks I saw other players using this method, but like I said I’m only using original players monk, apprentice, huntress, warrior , I guess I’ll just re roll, the only trouble is the frost orcs but no worries In on 405 I got pass 403 just going really slow cause of re rolling , might post a vid. To help players how I get here with just the original I’ll keep post.
  2. If they dont fix this they’re gonna lose a lot of players even on dda
  3. My rate is gilded, distruction is gilded and everything is gilded, I gues all I need to try is amp 8 and I don’t have lava mancer maybe I’ll try that I’m sure it will work once I get enough dm I’ll get fissure but thanks though I already thought this thru I was just asking if theirs a way without using fissure
  4. Beside lava mancer is thier another way of protecting frost lane? Or My FA isn’t strong enough I’m in floor 402 I have FA with mod- anti frost, power, range shards:distruction/deadly/rate and I get to 900k dps. Any suggestions?
  5. This message is old working around 200 now so ignore this post
  6. Sorry sold for 30m but I got couple of 9/10 for 12 mill each
  7. Message me here only 750k or trade
  8. Ok just to clarify everything my WM has an old Mod with both Shock and water servo and I add the water shard and yes it allows you. I haven’t tested it yet if it does more slow or shocking
  9. Do floor 600 in the dread isle or the temple
  10. So didn’t know this shard exists so I found one I guess this can be used at WM for new players but you gotta find it at onslaught. Cool
  11. Yea I forgot to mention don’t garbage burning strike, I would gild this it’s very useful
  12. I’m just saying you’re done playing dungeons defender but starting to play another dungeon defender, “ another dungeon defender” I’m just saying that’s funny but good luck with the other “ dungeon defender “
  13. Sorry I’ve never like reading, but you do realized that DDA is going to take a lot of your time right, building up heroes again. Just doing it over again building defence. Repeat repeat.
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