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  1. What about the shatter combo? that still in game? freeze + crushing dmg? also i think you missed crushing dmg..
  2. Either a bug or you transferred those mods from a c7 relic onto that c8 relic. my guess.
  3. Ha! told ya I wasn't a troll! Eat me shorts! :o)
  4. people seem to not believe me, they might be coming out in batches or something.. but i got mine a few hours ago
  5. Got my survey e-mail today! woo! :o)
  6. I vote for the Dryad! -because she can fly!- and i like terraria too. :-)
  7. This HAS to be a bug. Else im totally fubar'd :,(
  8. Thanks for the update! Much appreciated! :-)
  9. I got 3! 10/10 tenacities in about 6 hours of play a few weekends ago.. thought they must have upped the drop rate or something... nope just crazy lucky :-)
  10. This made me watch goldmember again... Move over mini me, SCOTTYS ON FIRE!! :-)
  11. Want - Auction house, put your items in for a fee, another fee if you want to pull them back out. available for anyone to buy if your online or not. collect your money from auctioneer when it sells. Dont want - Sneaky lady orcs 1 shotting the crystal, or any mob for that matter...
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