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  1. In regards to your key question "so why would that all of sudden take longer to read/write something via online?" If you are in the same building, it is easy to say 'Hey, I have sent you an email with a brief.' Whilst fully online is they will check it when they check it. Not something the sender can predict. Looks like you also missed a point in my post. The point I was trying to make is that there are multiple things that can slow down the workflow such as internet issues or communication issues. And if you read the original post, you can see I am not happy with those features missing either. I am just trying to be level headed about it and not filled with semi-blind rage.
  2. Not necessarily. You need to think of the various roles within the industry. 3D modeling for example does not, by default, require a mic. It can also be easier to communicate via text as then you have the details of what you need to make right next to you. Sure it would be handy, but it is not required. Sound design almost definitely requires a decent quality microphone so they are going to make use of it. In the games industry, most of the jobs are given out in written form as to clear up any confusion if anyone forgets what they are doing or makes a mistake, they can look over the brief and can adjust what they are doing accordingly. There is a lot more typing and reading in the game development industry then people know. I get where you are coming from but each form of communication has its pros and cons. When dealing with work in the game development industry, written documents are used more often than not. Verbal communication is only really used to get opinions of a peer or to get immediate feedback from a project manager.
  3. I was mostly generalizing with that post with most jobs, not all jobs. And shockingly enough, I know a fair few people that work in the game development industry that do not utilize microphones other than for phone calls which can only be one to one instead of group. And I mean default phone calls, not discord, skype, etc... I get your point of view. There are more pressing matters. My irritation is due to deceit and failure to deliver what is promised on launch. I get that they will most likely add what is missing later on. However the feeling of being deceived is felt by most. Also, it is no longer in early access so that point is invalid. I will happily wait to play the game until these features roll out. I will wait till 2021 if I must. Honestly, I did not think this would get so out of hand. The point I was trying to make is that their credibility is being dragged through the mud and that they need to deal with it soon. Also, as much as I hate it, there are still idiots who think the virus is a conspiracy despite the death toll. Ponder that a little.
  4. You CAN does not mean you WILL. Plus, you also need to take into consideration that if they are not in voice calls, it takes time to type something out. And everyones typing speed and reading speed is different. It takes more time for an average person to type something than it takes for someone to say something. The span of time for reading and typing is also not simultaneous whilst speaking and listening can be. And the amount of time doing this adds up, so its best to only communicate when either necessary or over voice calls. Which, once again, is not something every company does. Plus, not everyone may have a microphone so then communication through typing will become necessary. You also need to take into consideration the transition time in going from an in house company to a work at home company. And even if they were constantly in voice chats, USB microphones (which a lot of people use) have an approximate delay time of 100ms - 300ms. This can add up over time. Plus the time it takes for a person to receive that audio or if that audio comes through clearly depends on if their internet connection is stable. Which I can tell you now, mine is not due to supply and demand.You also need to consider the number of people working on the project. Perhaps the project was too large to take on in that time frame to begin with, hence necessity for delays. There are so many factors that must be considered and you are overlooking a lot of them. Put your ego aside and put yourself in their shoes. Or better yet, try to make a game just as good with as few people as they have. Good luck.
  5. Spoken like an individual who's either never actually entered the work force or has never had to work remote. A number of collaborative efforts do truly suffer at a minimum. That's not to mention the numerous psychological studies that show people are generally more effective when they have areas dedicated to a specific task (IE another reason why you shouldn't eat in bed). In general though I really do think this game would have been better just pushing back the release date. A number of core functions (shop keep anyone?) just not at all present that others have mentioned before, and the way they handled the wipe despite CG representatives literally telling people not to worry is honestly kind of shameful. Unfortunately, collaborating is a whole lot easier when you do not require software to get someones attention. Walking up to someone and talking to them is more likely to get someones attention than a ping on a piece of software for communication. With talking face to face, a response is likely to happen in a matter of moments while with stuff like emails, discord, skype, etc... You can end up waiting up to hours for a response. This can be a detriment to a group project. That is why I tried to emphasis in my elaboration that I would have gladly waited. Heck, I would wait till October 2021 if it meant getting all features on official launch. But that's not what happened. They rushed the release and it is evident.
  6. I get where you are coming from, and prioritizing safety should always come first. I am not ragging on their efficiency issues as that is understandable. But as the game is now, it should not have come out of early access. Even if they delayed the game even more, I would not have minded if they just provided the promised features. Also, they need to sort out gamepad controls. That is a big gripe I have with it as I am primarily a controller user. The bosses feel like a copy and paste from DD1. The graphics are nice but that means nothing to me if it does not have the promised functionality to back it up. The first 2 reasons I gave were big reasons for me supporting on kickstarter. That and me hoping it was more like DD1 than DD2 but thats a whole other can of worms and it does feel more like DD1 than DD2 to me. The third one I would not be as bothered about if they changed the bosses up, even if its just how people fight against them. The failure to launch with features that were promised and the active reuse of stuff that I could easily play DD1 and get the same experience with. Noticed that you did not dispute the 4th point though. Why is that?
  7. Ok, so lets start with a major one. Split-screen multiplayer. One of the key reasons I personally bought the game. This would have allowed family to come together and play a co-op game. And what do Chromatic do? Fail to deliver what was initially stated and would have been a great family bonding experience. Something that would have made the game more interactive on twitch, direct chat integration. I would have loved to interact and mess about with a streamers game with this feature. Another potentially great feature thrown to the wayside in place of More Pets and Player Trading. I would rather throw my items directly on the ground like in DD1. What happened to new bosses? They were thrown to the wayside for DD1 bosses. I was hoping for the lore of etheria to be expanded, not for a poor remake of DD1 with mild changes. Some of which are for the worst. Better chat functionality? Just feels like old DD1's chat system to me. Its a real disappointment. So far, just a worse version of DD1. I was hoping for this to be a true sequel, not a flimsy remake. And the failure to deliver on promises just ruins your credibility. I would never recommend this game to my enemy. If you are going to spend money on this franchise, spend it on Dungeon Defenders 1. Because DDA is just a worse version of DD1. If I have missed anything, let me know.
  8. That sucks but thanks for the quick reply.
  9. Will Twitch integration be in the Early Access from the beginning or no. I ask this because twitch integration is mentioned as a feature on the Kickstarter Page.
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