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  1. so, I noticed, while playing last nite in maximized window, that sometimes my cursor shows up on the secondary display (ultrawide main to the left, fullhd secondary to the right)... and if I happen to click the mouse while the cursor shows up, DD2 loses focus. So, once again, the problem is that DD2's native Fullscreen Windowed display doesn't work as it should (because it doesn't allow alt-tabbing away from the game without making the game collapse/minimize, AND it shows Windows' taskbar) but the maximized window also has problems of not properly containing the mouse cursor sometimes... Nativ
  2. dunno about having good enough gear... I did tried Gates again and traded archers for hamsters, got further than before. But no hero I have could deal any damage to de roller... =(
  3. So I made a big post, I was logged, and when I hit submit... BANG! You don't have permission! ... Let's try this again. This time I'll be sure to ctrl+c the post BEFORE hitting the button. Ok, so I come back after a while, eager to see what changes this latest update brought our way. So, first, loved the new bag system, hated what a mess became of my bags. After sorting through it all, let's check these new shard thingies and OH MY I don't have any of my passives anymore. Hm... what to do? Let's try a map... I think I should be able to handle Chaos I, right? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO got my behind
  4. Is this normal/expected? Srsly, EoC just left the map and never came back.
  5. even though I've been around from early on, I feel more like a casual player than a hardcore one. Therefore, even after all this time, having survived & gained rewards from both previous wipes (I can't choose another cosmetic for my Huntress other than her Survivor outfit XD), I'm still around iPWR 380 (305 Huntress, 383 AbLord, 422 EV2 and 474 Gunwitch). And I don't see myself getting anywhere near the endgame any time soon... So, questions: 1- I'm hardly the only casual like this, any plans for us? 2- Any dev tips for us? =p 3- Why has the Defense Council been kicked to the side so much
  6. that'd be a really nice addition... host-controlled mana.
  7. Not a "ban from DD2", of course... just "ban from games I host" option. Tonight I got an afker and a lazy, who'd just stand around and not even open it's mana chest =\ Nah, I don't think they should anchor so much on DD1. DD2 should really be about new systems.
  8. really Trendy, give us the ability. Nothing craps more a game than someone joining than going afk and being unable to kick the crap of him outta my game =( Also, a "ban player" would be nice to have, too
  9. OHHHHH I FOUND THE GOLDEN INGOT! \o/ but I, too, shall not spoil the fun! <3 awesome map!
  10. way too funny. I almost forgot to take my end game chest because I was laughing so hard about it!
  11. So, at least this is what just happened to me: I was almost killing (1/4 to go) the Eye on the incursion, and somewhere I just mistep somewhere and fell for my death. The Eye was following me. Right before I see my hero crumbling and the "your dead" message, THE VICTORY SOUND! The Eye followed me to it's death! O_O
  12. [[4370,users]] already pointed me there on twitter, but thanks =)
  13. WOW. more than a year later and this bug is still around?! I just got this on Liferoot Forest...
  14. ok, second attempt to post this because when I hit submit the site says I'm not authorized to see this page >.> SOOOOOOOOOOO new content, I'm back =D open the game, on Trendy's logo I maximize the window, because I love windowed fullscreen. Awesome intro is awesome. Finish intro and... what? I'm back at a minuscule window on the main menu. WHY////
  15. thanks Nefhith <3 I thought I'd have to call for some help from iamisom or some one else around XD I've been here long, always talk to Isom and others at twitter. It really weirds me out how people take things so srsly online. This post was just me noticing that those codes don't give gems like they used to - and I must have already activated 2 or 3 before that, so 2 or 3 codes before I even noticed that it changed from gems to medals. Heck, I had to browse my mail history to find out when was the last time they gave gems away like that! =p But, yeah, I'll give one for those guys - there AR
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