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  1. It'd probably be whether they're gonna go with the old approach to DLC and updates, where it's almost always superior gear/farming potential compared to what already exists in the game, or if they're gonna set a max power level for gear and such immediately upon release and then just expand on the existing tiers of gear instead of adding more on top.
  2. We don't really need to get constant updates or patch notes about a game we won't even be able to beta test before we're close to its release. And it's still three and and a half months until its earliest possible release date. The kickstarter shipping issues have already been discussed a lot in other threads, so I don't really want to comment on that here. Be patient, it'd just be more work for them if they had to figure out a convenient method of keeping people up to date on all the stuff they're working on.
  3. I doubt that DD:A is just going to be DD1 with better graphics. They are building it from the ground up, with the opportunity to base the engine around the hectic endgame with thousands of enemies per wave. DD1 was originally not made to support those numbers, and thus ran kinda horribly for some people in the endgame. They'll also be able to include any number of QoL features and revamp things like the crafting system, which was very claustrophobic originally with room for only, what, 12 items/folders per page? Then there's tower balancing. Right now, lightning towers with a couple deadly strike towers rule supreme in the endgame. Variety will be very welcome. I'm looking forward to what they'll be able to do with DD:A.
  4. I kinda wish there was a discord and reddit page for the seperate games The official ones are technically for both DD1 and 2, but really there's only DD2 content on there
  5. Mainly because it's DLC and because summoner can improve any build as a result of having seperate MU units I wouldn't say Series EV is any better that Summoner when it comes to being a must-have
  6. The only maps you wouldn't use minions on are maps you already can beat easily though, and the builds you make for those maps are with the intent of farming them as quickly and efficiently as possible The summoner being required on all maps where you're having difficulty, where you can only beat them by also using a summoner, makes the summoner eligible for the title of "must-have" if you ask me
  7. I don't think that's completely reasonable, or they would barely make any money off of some of the pledge tiers. They definitely should have clarified that there were going to be fees for delivery in the kickstarter, as they can't expect everyone involved to already know rules and prices for international shipping, and it was also not exactly fantastic that they were so hesitant to release any information on why the surveys took so long to get in order. But the shipping being free shouldn't be a matter of course. We are trying to help them finance a game first and foremost, if several of their pledge tiers made them almost no money as a result of shipping costs it'd make no sense.
  8. Yeah, apparently not. I don't know why all my attempts failed, F5 never did anything Thanks regardless, though
  9. I know how AHK works, I've made my own script for releasing almost fully-charged shorts with a staff on repeat The problem is that I haven't been able to find any key that corresponds to attacking with the second player character. Making it press F5 doesn't work, not does it work to have it press left bumper on a controller.
  10. I am... Also curious about all over the above. Good questions, hope some of them will be answered.
  11. I realise you said there'd be no support for this, but I figured I'd still ask as I can't make heads or tails of the UDKInput.ini Is there any way to make the left trigger input on F5 a toggle of some sort? I have been trying to make an autohotkey command for this purpose, but it hasn't functioned properly. Presumably it doesn't work with the emulator.
  12. The only thing I want is some way of highlighting certain stats for it to automatically add together so you can see, for example, what the sum of a piece of gear's four tower stats + levels are without having to calculate it in your head. It's not a problem if you're just looking at a two, ten or even twenty pieces of gear - but when you have to figure out which armour piece, in an inventory filled to the brim with armour pieces, is the best it's headache-inducing.
  13. I've been fiddling with this for a while, but the game's aversion to being behind the taskbar seems like it can't be dealt with. Whenever I put it in windowed mode it'll stay at a weird resolution as a result of not wanting to overlap. I've tried using a seperate application called Borderless Gaming, but that also can't force DD to overlap the taskbar. If anything, is there at least a way to hide your normal cursor in-game, and prevent it from going outside the game window in normal windowed mode?
  14. Thank you for the explanation, it's a lot easier to wait for stuff with no deadline in place when you know why there hasn't been set a deadline. You might want to consider placing this information somewhere where it's easier to spot it, as I doubt everyone waiting for backer rewards will visit this specific thread. Edit: And so you did. Nice.
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