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  1. Damn thats good to know! Wish they would introduce enemies again with a little bit of information. I also don't see those flares which might be due to the fact that I play on low settings right now for me it just looks like they are shooting thin air and to be honest I was also busy shooting stuff and didnt had the time to analyze their behaviour.^^
  2. As the title states my Deathstrike tower misses at least 1/3 of their shoots(on good days...), they either shoot above them or completely miss them by a mile. Right now for me its pure luck wether they deal with them in timely matter or not. Is that an isolated issue only I have? Is it maybe supposed to be that way to make it harder and I just missed the memo?
  3. I also don't enjoy the fact that the timer on round 1 is so ridiculously short... I really don't get what they are trying to achieve with that. All it does, is making me not want to build with 2 or even more heroes because the swichting animation alone drains your timer enough already. That is really draining my enjoyment out of this game to be honest the first round is just pure stress and God behold you mess up one or two tower placements then you can basically restart the map. <.<
  4. As usual first try to update your drivers. Should that not resolve it, reinstall them cleanly. Other than that try switching the display mode around and de/enabling Vsync/Limit FPS(might be worth looking into your GPUs driver-suite to see if it is enabled/disabled there as well) After that you can also try reinstalling the game itself that often resolves alot of weird things with games.
  5. Hold the right mouse button until the staff sparkles and your character holds it in the air, then release.
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