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  1. Despite playing just fine earlier today, I am now unable to "Go to Town" - the game tries to load, but I get the above error. Private tavern seems to work. I reset my Steam cache for the game (verify integrity of game files), but no dice.
  2. What are the approximate stat caps for each Chaos tier?
  3. How do you build for Chaos 2 on The Ramparts? The EMP Orcs disable fire auras, but poison dart turrets can't hit them well because of the twists.
  4. Earlier today I played with someone named ":D" and he tried to invite me to a party, but left the session not knowing it would separate us. Couldn't find him after. If you're out there, let's play again sometime!
  5. I did the same thing for a lot of my loot... an undo button is needed.
  6. Volcanoes are my favorite. They're super versatile, even now.
  7. Thought this was a one-off, but it keeps happening. Not map-specific. Not 100% of the time.
  8. Where do I find the daily and monthly quests? Also, I don't see a minimap on Forest Biome. Bug or feature?
  9. Thrilled about this! Will we see any other content patches soon? There are a couple things in the PC Patch Notes forum that would be nice to see addressed.
  10. Controllers themselves are irrelevant, they all work in any place in other games and any of them will work in 2/3 but not in 1/4. :(
  11. Nope, but the PC should be picking it up the same. :/
  12. If there's some secret build for this I'd totally appreciate it. Tried a few times now and it's just silly. Edit: Worst. Level. Ever. http://puu.sh/1LCvg
  13. Pressing the start button for these controllers has no effect. Button works fine when it's not those numbered and shows inputting on Windows. They're official Microsoft ones and are sync'd wirelessly with the official adapter. Used to work fine, no idea what changed. Any ideas?
  14. I got disconnected (right after finishing a build :( ) but Steam didn't go down. What gives?
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