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  1. Sorry to hear that, I wish you all the best for your recovery. Had my fair share of runins with depression as well you can recover, acknowledging it is the first step. 1. Rainmaker 2.++ builder leather gloves 3. celebracers May the Power of the one and only Captain Isop help you <3
  2. ty for the giveaway https://steamcommunity.com/id/phildodo/ https://imgur.com/a/E0ZYzSg lets see who can beat this :D
  3. Hey, im looking to auction these Leather Boots https://imgur.com/a/zO1246k IC: https://imgur.com/hCQfQfF Auction ends 27 April 2019 cubes, diamonds (5/10/15), upp to 5 cubes in coal 8:1 if you want to bid in events talk to me on discord: DoDo#6825 Highest Bid atm 21cv
  4. 1. Ballblaster 2. Rainmaker 3. Glacier demise https://steamcommunity.com/id/phildodo/
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