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  1. Internal Alpha builds have been functional for a while now ;) In regards to the rest of the beta questions...we're still working out all of the details. About a second stage / early release stage...we will definitely have some iteration for testing sometime between the "Beta" and the release. The details/extent of this round of testing will largely depend on the first round of Beta. It could be invite only, staff only, who knows.
  2. If you backed on Kickstarter, you should have received it months ago. If you pre-ordered using the link above, we send out the DD1 codes in batches. You should have received it if you pre-ordered more than a month ago, if you pre-ordered recently it could take 4-6 weeks to receive them. In either case, make sure to check your spam folder for an e-mail from us. If you are still having issues, please e-mail preorder@chromatic.games.
  3. Hey there Defender! So far, you should have received an e-mail with instructions for the following rewards: 1. DD2 Gunwitch Costume 2. DD1 Access Code The remainder of the rewards have not yet been processed. If you cannot find the e-mails regarding the two rewards mentioned above, please e-mail preorder@chromatic.games and we would be happy to investigate for you.
  4. We will be doing a PC beta sometime in November, more information will come over the next 2 months. We are serious about the beta because we are making this game for you (the community) and your feedback is what is going to make/break this game. Switch/PC release will be in February with the other 2 consoles following shortly after.
  5. There won't be any region lock issues. Generally this is when games want to do a phased release cycle where they release the game slowly over the course of say a month. Everyone will be able to access the games at the same time regardless of location.
  6. Many of the flex goals are things that we'd like to add into the game eventually, meeting them just would've meant they were introduced at launch. Projecting into the future is really hard with so many moving parts involved in developing a game, we never know what might happen. That being said, if we have the time/resources we'd love to add the stretch goals, and a lot more, but obviously the core game-play takes precedent. If not at launch, most of them will most likely make it into some DLC eventually. Take my response with a grain of salt, I don't make any big decisions and none of this is concrete.
  7. We have sent out the gunwitch costume/character codes, the gilded/crystaline skin codes, and the DD1 keys via e-mail. Please check your e-mail (including Spam) for them. If you cannot find them, we can help if you e-mail preorder@chromatic.games.
  8. I can't get into specifics on the Nintendo deal (partially because I don't know everything, and partially because I am not allowed to), but at the time of the Kickstarter, a deal with Nintendo was not considered and we initially did plan on releasing all platforms at the same time. However, we luckily were able to partner with Nintendo, which will have so many positive effects on the game and the studio as a whole. It is an opportunity we simply couldn't pass up, and after all things considered, the timed exclusivity is a small price to pay for the benefits. Trust me, it was not a decision that was made lightly.
  9. We know that communication is important, but we try our very hardest to not release any information until it is 100% confirmed. We don't want to say one thing, and turn around a month later and say "Sorry, never mind". Nintendo also dictates a lot of what we can/cannot announce and when in regards to the game and release on their platform (including the exclusivity deal). If anyone ever has any questions/concerns, I try my best to respond to what I can (both legally and just in terms of knowledge) so don't hesitate to reach out. I will also bring up the cross-saves concern, as this is definitely not something that crossed my mind.
  10. Honestly, not many people here really know. The higher-ups are still working specifics, otherwise we would've definitely given more information. My best guess is 2 weeks minimum, 2 months maximum, but I honestly don't have much more guidance than you. Keep in mind that we are still 6 months from release, and we needed to create a playable version & trailer for Nintendo. Aside from maps/enemies/heroes, anything depicted in the trailer is subject to change. Game development works in stages, and a lot of what we have been doing so far (on the programming side) is laying the engineering groundwork for the systems that make the game run behind the scenes. The next 6 months will include a lot of polishing and changes, especially in the UI department. Thank you for the feedback though, I will make sure these get back to the respective teams.
  11. We'll be posting an official update very soon (with more details and progress to look at) but the game's release as a whole has been delayed until 2020 to make sure it's as great as humanly possible. PC will be releasing the same time as Switch (Feb 2020), but the PC beta will be before that. XBox and PS4 will be released shortly after, we will have more details on this soon.
  12. We are so happy about our partnership with Nintendo, and what it means for the future of the studio and future projects. With that being said, DDA will be a timed console exclusive, and we will be announcing more details on the XBox/PS4 release dates soon. PC will not be affected by this. We will be releasing an official communication very shortly, but yes the game was delayed until 2020 to make sure that we are able to deliver on the high expectations we have for the game and to make sure the game is perfect for years of support.
  13. Unfortunately we don't have plans to offer another bundle at this time.
  14. Thank you for the support! If you ordered on Backerkit, we send out DD1 keys every few weeks in batches. You should receive yours soon! The rest of the rewards won't happen until the release.
  15. Hey @interval! I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues redeeming your skins! Please make sure that you are entering the codes in-game (in your mailbox) and not on Steam/PS4/Xbox stores. If you continue having issues, please e-mail preorder@chromatic.games and we would be happy to investigate further.
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