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  1. There's one about 5 minutes away, your food will still be hot! This is my favorite restaurant in the entire world and the fact that you mentioned it specifically makes my heart happy. I promise I won't let the rest of the team call the cops if you give me a roll.
  2. Macros are not allowed. Enjoy the game yourself :)
  3. While I cannot say when/if this will come to DD2, we do know this is a pain point for players and have made sure to address this in DDA from the beginning.
  4. Hey Tynxx, if you are in the EU, try changing your servers or uninstalling and re-installing the game. We are still working on a fix. If that doesn't work, check out http://support.chromatic.games and submit a ticket.
  5. This is correct. All of DD2's user data is stored on our servers, and you can resume playing from one computer to another as long as you log in with the same steam account. Same with XBox's / PS4's.
  6. Soon. Every time someone asks we push it back a week*. * I wish
  7. Ah ok, then the best thing to do is to send a ticket at http://support.chromatic.games for further assistance. I would attempt to reinstall the game still.
  8. If you are set to receive a code for a Gunwitch skin, it will automatically unlock the Gunwitch if you have not yet purchased her.
  9. We will update on Twitter when it is safe! We have sent to Sony for approval and release.
  10. Hey Defender! Some PS4 defenders are having connection issues currently. We are working to fix it as soon as possible but a current fix is to uninstall the game and reinstall it from your library. This will revert you to the previous version.
  11. Hey there! Thanks for backing DDA on Kickstarter! We will be sending out codes to receive your reward skins soon. Our most recent update added them to the game and we are preparing to send codes to backers.
  12. Hey there! Unfortunately some PS4 users are currently experiencing issues logging in. If you updated the game to the most recent version (released Monday), please uninstall the game and reinstall it from your library. This will revert to the previous version, which is working currently. We will update Twitter once we have fixed the problem and it is safe to update your game.
  13. Hey @MewMew97! We are working hard to get DDA backer codes out as soon as possible. We will soon be releasing a DD2 patch that includes the new content, and after that is pushed we can then send out codes. But don't worry, you weren't forgotten. We are working on it while trying to push forward with the new game.
  14. We are sending out the DD1 codes in batches and we have not begun awarding the Forum badge yet. We will be releasing an announcement later today with some more information on rewards and progress.
  15. We weren't at E3 but we have lots of exciting news and updates on DDA coming tomorrow! We definitely want to show to more conferences in the future, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for all of those updates.
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