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  1. support@xsolla.com can help!
  2. We'll be there with some surprises...
  3. It will be possible in the full version of the game but it is not possible on the beta (it will overwrite saves).
  4. Unfortunately we cannot accept PayPal at this time. We would have liked to but there was limitations elsewhere that prevented us from doing so. We appreciate you wanting to support DDA. If you're unable to preorder, Steam accepts Paypal once it launches next month :)
  5. All DLC-like content from the Kickstarter will definitely be cross-platform (ie costumes/pets). We're striving to make this the same for all future DLC but we have 4 different companies to deal with (Steam, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) and things may change.
  6. We're still on track for our (secret) February release date :) We're waiting to get our CM in and settled in and then we'll be sharing more.
  7. They told us it was instant and most people seem to be getting them immediately, double check Spam/Junk folders and e-mail them (support@xsolla.com) if not. Double payment is weird too - I would assume that only one will go through (because it says "processing") but you can double check with them.
  8. preorder@chromatic.games, thank you for pointing that out - will edit that thread. EDIT: It was there but I made it stand out a bit more ;)
  9. We will be doing everything in our power to prevent/reduce any type of cheating. Keeping things server-side makes things more difficult for cheaters but does not entirely mitigate issues. We will have additional checks and software in place to prevent cheating to the best of our abilities.
  10. All switch games that can run in hand-held mode work on the Switch lite, and DDA does work in handheld mode. So yes, it'll work on the switch Lite.
  11. Unfortunately we don't have any plans for a Beta on consoles. PS4 and XBox make distributing Beta's a lot more difficult than Steam does.
  12. It is definitely a bug, and all bug tracking is handled via that link. There is nothing we can do from our end to return them because they're stored locally, therefore reporting it is the only thing you can do. Again, saves will be handled very differently upon launch, this is just for the Beta and we'll make sure there is no data loss.
  13. Please remember DDA is in beta, we are NOT offering live support for it. We're accepting feedback via the forms linked but that is all, no e-mail support (unless it's an order question). This allows us to see everyone's issues in one place and determine the most important issues to address at a time.
  14. We don't usually respond to the bug reports sent to the link above, it is simply for us to gauge the most popular bugs and address them. If you e-mailed our support line or preorder@chromatic.games, generally it can take up to 48 hours, sometimes more if we're busy. It's also the holiday season so we're down a few people and there's a lot to do.
  15. Cheating (at least for items) won't be possible because the saves will be stored on our servers. We are working hard to make sure the game is fair for everyone!
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