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  1. I'm locking this thread because it's nothing but negativity and arguing. Guys, we know we have to work on communication. We've admitted that. We're trying, and you'll see it slowly start to improve and improve more as time goes on. Again, we don't have a CM right now and we're working on that but launching DDA in February is our #1 priority. The bug site *is* still monitored, but you have to realize we're a small studio and there's a lot of issues submitted every day, many of them are repeats or don't provide enough information. We generally do not respond to bug reports but we review them all and tally the most common ones to target first. Tickets however, are always answered. Generally, if the issue is specific to you (ie. you lost an item), submit a ticket so we can review your individual account. If it's an issue that broadly affects everyone (ie. a tower is broken), then a bug report works. These games have hundreds of thousands of lines of code. A single stray character could be the cause of a bug, and that's worse than finding a needle in a haystack. Some bugs only occur when very specific conditions are met that are often hard to replicate. This means that unfortunately sometimes bugs that only occur once a month for 3 people might be shadowed by a larger issue.
  2. His post said *next* Friday, which has not happened yet.
  3. I come in to work every day specifically to answer tickets. If you submit it through http://support.chromatic.games/, then I do see it. Unfortunately bugs are very difficult to recreate and target and I always pass them along to the Development/QA teams but they can't always recreate them. You will always receive a response though.
  4. Hey guys, we are aware of an issue with some players not receiving their Mass Destruction hypershards for completing all Prime Incursions. We are working on a fix but in the meantime you can always submit a ticket and we'll get that to you ASAP.
  5. Hey Defenders! This post will be updated to indicate which rewards have been sent to backers, where to find them, and what to do if you have not yet received a reward that is listed here! KICKSTARTER REWARDS (NO NEW ORDERS): DDA Game Key: coming Feb 2020 Forum Titles: not sent PC Beta: coming Nov 2019 DD2 Costumes: sent Steam DD2012 Collection: sent Discord Roles: not sent Special Pets: not sent Custom Portraits: not sent Digital DDA Soundtrack: not sent DDA Costumes: not sent Digital DDA Artbook: not sent Digital DDA Strategy Guide: not sent In-Game Titles: not sent DDA T-Shirt (Mail): not sent DDA Credits: in progress VIP Secret Room Access: not sent DDA Poster (Mail): not sent Name a Special Enemy/Weapon: not sent Spend a Day with the design team: sent Lunch with developers: not sent Guilded Tavern: not sent PRE-ORDER REWARDS (STILL ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS HERE): DDA Game Key: coming Feb 2020 Steam DD2012 Collection: sent (Sent in batches. new pre-orders may take up to a month to receive) PC Beta: coming Nov 2019 DDA Soundtrack: not sent Digital DDA Strategy Guide: not sent DDA T-Shirt (Mail): not sent DDA Artbook: not sent Unless otherwise indicated, all rewards (and related information) will be sent via e-mail. If you have not received your rewards from backing and they have been listed as sent, please check your e-mail junk/spam. If you still cannot find it, please e-mail preorder@chromatic.games and we will do our best to help.
  6. Can confirm. Very awesome.
  7. Inventory is a huge part of the DD games and the UI used to control the inventory is a very important aspect. We are working really hard to make sure it is readable on any screen from a Switch to a 65" TV. This is part of the reason for the more "plain" look, but we also feel it helps the game feel more modern. Unfortunately adding the shading and colors for a more "medieval" theme makes visibility way worse. We're still making tweaks to things so these aren't the very final designs, and we've had a lot of people say the same thing.
  8. Don't read too far into any specifics from the UI section of the announcement! Most of it is just random filler to give an idea of what a complete card/UI might look like ;)
  9. I'm not saying anything but...
  10. To be 100% honest we have a preliminary date for the Beta but we never know if something unexpected pops up. We'd rather not give a definitive date and push it back internally than to give a date and have to push it back. It just might be sooner than you think ;)
  11. I probably said I was going to do it, and I think I started but completely forgot. I will try and get one up later today. EDIT: Posted here
  12. We only sold a limited number of T-shirts. They haven't been shipped yet but we're not accepting orders for more shirts. You will still get your shirt as we get closer to launch
  13. We are aware of an issue where some Steam players are not automatically receiving the DLC content (only affects our new DLC ie. Defender, What a Deal, Treat Yo' Self, Supreme). Please submit a ticket via http://chromatic.zendesk.com with a proof of purchase (email receipt or Steam page) and we will manually issue the DLCs.
  14. The Beta is still on track to be released in November. We are working to get everything finalized and will definitely be sharing an update really soon. Keep an eye out ;)
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