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  1. Please do not tag all of us like that...it's not necessary. Of course we're still doing it and it's a big priority right now. We honestly just don't have a good idea of when it will be ready. It's close but there's still some major kinks that need to be worked out it's just too hard to give a timeframe right now.
  2. At launch we will have our 4 main heroes: Squire, Apprentice, Huntress, Monk. DLC content later MIGHT add additional heroes. Costumes? OF COURSE! Can't comment on quests just yet Splitscreen multiplayer? OF COURSE (up to 4 players!) We don't have an exact answer for that yet - but we plan to run Early Access as long as possible. We may close it in the days leading up to the actual launch, we'll see how things go. Unfortunately offering offline play does open up additional vulnerabilities but is also crucial to the experience of DDA. We will be doing everyt
  3. We will be closing our pre-order store on Thursday. You'll be able to purchase directly through Steam on Friday, but we will no longer be accepting pre-orders for consoles. Thursday is the last day to receive the extra pre-order rewards. We'll open pre-purchase on each console's respective stores as they get closer to launch.
  4. All of the rewards listed on the DDA pre-order page are for DDA and will be sent after the game launches.
  5. We will have cross save functionality - you can pickup and continue your game from where you left off from any device.
  6. Unfortunately the release for Switch and PC has been moved to Q2 2020. We will launch Early Access on Steam on February 21st.
  7. I'm locking this thread because it's nothing but negativity and arguing. Guys, we know we have to work on communication. We've admitted that. We're trying, and you'll see it slowly start to improve and improve more as time goes on. Again, we don't have a CM right now and we're working on that but launching DDA in February is our #1 priority. The bug site *is* still monitored, but you have to realize we're a small studio and there's a lot of issues submitted every day, many of them are repeats or don't provide enough information. We generally do not respond to bug reports but we review them all
  8. I come in to work every day specifically to answer tickets. If you submit it through http://support.chromatic.games/, then I do see it. Unfortunately bugs are very difficult to recreate and target and I always pass them along to the Development/QA teams but they can't always recreate them. You will always receive a response though.
  9. Hey guys, we are aware of an issue with some players not receiving their Mass Destruction hypershards for completing all Prime Incursions. We are working on a fix but in the meantime you can always submit a ticket and we'll get that to you ASAP.
  10. We are aware of an issue where some Steam players are not automatically receiving the DLC content (only affects our new DLC ie. Defender, What a Deal, Treat Yo' Self, Supreme). Please submit a ticket via http://chromatic.zendesk.com with a proof of purchase (email receipt or Steam page) and we will manually issue the DLCs.
  11. Macros are not allowed. Enjoy the game yourself :)
  12. While I cannot say when/if this will come to DD2, we do know this is a pain point for players and have made sure to address this in DDA from the beginning.
  13. Hey Tynxx, if you are in the EU, try changing your servers or uninstalling and re-installing the game. We are still working on a fix. If that doesn't work, check out http://support.chromatic.games and submit a ticket.
  14. This is correct. All of DD2's user data is stored on our servers, and you can resume playing from one computer to another as long as you log in with the same steam account. Same with XBox's / PS4's.
  15. Soon. Every time someone asks we push it back a week*. * I wish
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