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  1. We have mentioned this before, but the forums are the place for larger updates (new patches & features), whereas we share smaller victories and information on our social media. Having a million news posts on the forums wouldn't be good for those who want the important information without sifting through extras.
  2. We tweeted about this a few days ago actually - Iit should work as if you were logging into your PC from home (ie. all of your data is still there), but remember we're still in Early Access so no promises everything will work as intended.
  3. This menu was created for functionality by Engineers - the UI team will be making a pass before the final release, don't worry!
  4. Twitter/FB are always our first line of communication as not everyone checks the Forums frequently. We try to post larger updates here :)
  5. Definitely try a reinstall. or you can verify game cache through Steam. Does the game just close? Or does it freeze then crash? Do you get an error message? And check your CPU and RAM usage.
  6. While I cannot confirm that all DLC will be free, we have already announced that DLC 1 (Q3 2020) will be free :)
  7. As others have said, we're still in Early Access and there is a lot more to come. We wanted to focus on making DD more accessible without such a large learning curve, while integrating the best parts of DD1 and DD2. We're still working on this and there will be lots of new and familiar content being added throughout Early Access, release, and tons of DLC eventually. We have to get the base content in, but using UE4 we can add so much more functionality than either game and we plan to do so. As for the lack of story...that's because there's no cinematics yet. They're coming :)
  8. I promise we're working as fast as we can on this!
  9. Also ensure that your computer is connected to the internet and Steam is running.
  10. Hey thanks for the feedback! Just wanted to let you know: 1. we are working on the "private" (but not really) game issue 2. If you are the host, you can hit ESC and manage players in the top right.
  11. From now on we shall only be accepting feature requests in the form of parodies of songs.
  12. We're aware of some crashes due to excessive memory use, we're currently investigating!
  13. Hiya - So we gave everyone who ordered at least 1 PC copy a Steam retail key (works for beta, EA, and 1.0 launch). Any additional keys were given codes only valid for the beta, regardless of platform. You *should* have received a retail key (good for EA) for your other 2 PC copies yesterday. You will not receive an EA code for your switch copy. Please email preorder@chromatic.games so our team can get the other two codes out to you.
  14. Please make sure you’re updated, we pushed a patch that should fix this.
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