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  1. Whew, that took a while. Thanks for the giveaway! https://steamcommunity.com/id/aMannus
  2. Thanks for the giveaway, not even gonna try for the speedrun/nightmare version though. And seeing as how everyone is posting the image for both maps, I'll just follow their lead.. Not sure anymore if that's a good idea but lol. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/aMannus
  3. To explain the situation without the need for any numbers, there's some rather easy decisions that people had to make. First off, Frosty apprentice is just too goddamn good at the moment. Up to 50% (or higher with legacy gear) more DP on your defenses, plus extra attack speed (which you can only get through SAS points anywhere else) through Frostfire makes it a ridiculous combo with any towers that it can work with. Problem is, the only defenses that can use this bonus are the defenses that are basically right underneath the mobs. So, traps and auras. The only damaging aura is the lightning aura at the moment, which is really underwhelming at the moment after the nerf. So we are left with explosive traps and blaze balloon. Explosive traps are just so much better in the damage and DU department compared to the blaze balloon, and on top of that, you have the tripwire passive which gives it another 10% damage boost, and the huntress uber that makes explosive traps capable of doing both physical and magical damage. For the walls it's fairly easy to go for squire. The squire blockade is already better than the apprentice's (it doesn't blow up after a bit of damage), and that difference is only made bigger through the Hearty Blokkade passive and the monk boost aura being able to boost the HP of a barricade by an additional 25% and provide protection at the same time. That leaves up with the setup basically everyone in the endgame is using.
  4. Most fun I had in DD was probably when I was screwing around with the portal gun, a little while ago. Finding out that you can get anywhere on the map with it, is just too much fun.
  5. I never had any troubles with it, and also have never heard someone complaining about it when they hosted a game. And I use the portal gun all the time. I'm going to guess it does drop the performance, but I haven't seen any FPS drops, so it might be pc-specific or something.
  6. Heh, I find it funny you posted this at this time. I just finished SMR as well, and I'm quite happy with the progression as well, from beginning all the way to doing the last level in Insane (adventure 14). But going back to DD, the game progression CAN work perfectly fine, as long as there is going to be a major rebalance in stats. Remember how all stats went from about 300 each to 1000 each? That was the exact same time as Nightmare was introduced. If they make it so those stats in the 1000's generally only come at the highest level (and I mean something like 8xx,1000,5xx,6xx), there's not a huge problem. Sure, the stats you get from leveling are still only a mere 10% or so, but it would be better than it is already. The only thing this game really needs is a complete rebalance, atleast for gear that drops in Nightmare. It helps if they rebalance levels as well, so that Deeper Well on NM is indeed easier than Endless Spires on NM. I would love a skill tree/talent tree system in DD. Unlock skill points as you level up, and at the same time, actually developing your own playstyle depending on those talents/skills. Are you going for spike damage, are you going for high health so generally an endurance fight, up to you. Problem is that this will encourage multiple characters for single uses even more.
  7. This is actually something I would like to know as well. It's not that I ever bothered wondering, because it's only a few seconds, but still.
  8. Very amusing stuff, though so far I haven't seen anything that confers a game-breaking advantage, as opposed to finding strange places to get your character or Defenses. If there's some game-breaking (i.e. incomparably extremely beneficial) thing you can do with these Portalling techniques, please do let me know :) Cheers, Jeremy Thanks for the answer Jeremy, good to know you can laugh about it :). The thing you mentioned about this not being anything game-breaking, is exactly what I was hoping for how you guys would think about it. Atleast we can be safe (for now) that this won't be 'fixed' soon, so everyone is capable of trying this for theirself. Do you really think we would tell you personally when we find something game-breaking though? ;-)
  9. We also need a white powder pet who heals him than. Apart from the bull****. Really nice video. Was fun to watch! I'm already seeing white 'mana' crystals that you can pick up in my head, hehe.
  10. I was in bed, most probably, because I didn't notice this Steam disconnect at all. Suckers! :D
  11. This is not really included in whatever guide because most people just start an alt whenever they feel like it. Eventually, you'll end up with a couple of characters at the same level, which makes it easier to switch around armor if you need a different builder. My advise is, stick to your apprentice for now, and make it so you can AFK through glitterhelm on insane. If you can do that, just level up whatever character you find fun. On a practical perspective, a squire would be a good second to level because of the nerfs and buffs all the time. You never know what character is going to be the most effecient at any given time, so it's nice to have them both at a decent level.
  12. There's a bunch of those programs. I myself searched for this as well, and generally the first google hit was a perfect match for it. Really, just google it. Mine was called KeyPresser, a little standalone program, if that helps.
  13. Honestly, I don't think they'll take this the wrong way: Everyone who looked for glitch (thinking about Zelda on GB here) had already completed the game, in almost every possible way. So I see it as a fan, who already enjoyed the game, looking for hidden/not released stuff; not someone who's trying to glitch his way to the end. But, as DD is a multiplayer game, for balance sake, some of this issues need to be patched. Anyway good vid, really entertaining. That's exactly how I see it as well, prolonging the amount of time I can get into a game which was great from the start, but has lost his replayability for the most part. But that's the point, that's how PLAYERS see this, I was wondering how the DEVS would see something like this. I guess it would differ from dev to dev though. And I agree this being a multiplayer game, that some of the stuff needs to be fixed. But as of now, nothing I've discovered brings the game offbalance in any way shape or form, so I'm still hoping it doesn't get fixed. Atleast not too soon.
  14. Series EV, because she can dual wield a portal gun with a normal ranged weapon.
  15. Everything goes through a portal. You, enemies, your bullets, their bullets, tower bullets, charlie sheen...everything. Who's up for a Charlie Sheen skin for like the squire or something? Would be awesome. EDIT: I was thinking earlier today how these kind of videos are for the devs that made the game.. I can't really imagine the feeling that your game being glitched through and stuff. Not only with DD in particular though, I've done many glitch hunts in games like Zelda as well.
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