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  1. Just tested this and it's still an issue as of march 26 2019. Although from my tests it's not just snipe but the exploit weakness doesn't seem to be contributing at all to my dps on roller butts, or if it is it's not stacking the way other anti mods stack in this game. I'm at ~4 mil dps just holding left click on my GW and I'm getting almost exactly 4 mil on roller butts. 10/10 exploit weakness ships on every slot of gear. Should be 4 mil x 1.7 x 4 the way other anti mods stack which means I should get 27 mil or so dps on a roller, or basically an instant kill for C7. Even if it stacks additively it would be 4 mil x 3.8 for ~15 mil dps which is still nowhere near what I'm actually seeing. As it stands I'm submitting it as a bug report.
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