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  1. I wasn't talking about getting to the very end game and have a maxed character in most regards. I specifically meant if you wanted to use most of a hero's towers without having 2-3 of that same hero, you would need 1000+ Ascension. That's kinda restricting considering it makes all those towers you don't have points into essentially useless. You still also have to farm for resources, shards, and mods that take up a lot of time also. So basically, for anyone that isn't high Ascension or is a new player, you are either stuck with 3 of that hero to use their towers effectively or you spread the points evenly on 1 hero and have those towers all mediocre. I try to play in public matches as much as possible, I'm not avoiding anything. I said I "generally" don't see these towers used, meaning not regularly. Most people in public matches are using the same combos of towers like MFR, Flame Aura, PDT, Earthshatter, Hornets, and Skyguard. It's not my fault the towers are unbalanced to the point most people don't usually use half of them. And if blockades aren't useful late game, I'd call that a design flaw unless they did it 100% intentionally, even then it again limits the amount of towers that are useful. I like using blockades because it feels like it fits to have something stopping the enemies from getting through while being supported by other towers. All in all, I like different builds but I feel it restricts you from being creative with the stat distribution of having to choose which tower to make useful one at a time until you sink so much time in to max them all just to be able to comfortably use them all. And alternately having to make multiple copies of the same hero just to use all of their towers effectively just isn't a smooth gameplay design. Like I said, it feels limiting or just annoyingly inconvenient.
  2. I would agree DD2 could use a change with Ascension, but at the same time it might be too late for me personally, I'll be playing DD: Awakening when it releases soon(hopefully still this year). DD1 had just tower stats that applied to all towers on that character instead of just one, so you could have a full squire or full monk build of towers with just one of each hero and then switch to another hero to put down a few of that hero's towers also. You also had to choose between being primarily a tower hero or a dps hero with your stat points, meaning more efficiency in which role you wanted to play with that character instead of a dps and a tower hero in DD2 that's basically a jack of all trades...except with only 1 tower leveled up. Only way around it is getting very high Ascension to where you can max them all, which takes dozens of hours, or maybe even a hundred or more hours. It's annoying to have either a hybrid tower hero that's mediocre at all towers or a focused tower hero only good with one tower. I don't like needing to have 3 monks to use his auras at full potential or other characters for that matter, especially with onslaught floors limiting tower efficiency with all the modifiers which make you feel pushed to use specific builds or have certain mods. Definitely started to feel like it's everyone using the same build when alot of the towers just aren't useful for endgame and weren't worth the point investment. Generally, I don't see anyone using Explosive Traps, Geysers, Blaze Balloons, Magic Blockades, Frost Towers, Flamethrower tower, Squire's dummy tower, harpoons, buff aura, not to mention a few of the "dlc" hero's towers. In DD1, it seemed like most of the towers were able to be used efficiently. I enjoy the game, but some of the mechanics/features seem out of place or just wrong.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing another hero who has unique new minions and also a little extra DU to give slightly more flexibility in builds. However, I don't think infinite upgrades would be that great in anything other than a sandbox mode separate from survival, if in the game at all. Survival is meant to test your gear and builds to see how far you can go, up until completion if you finish all waves. If you could bypass gear progression by upgrading towers indefinitely, you would probably be able to beat survival while underleveled and undergeared simply by upgrading the towers past even a higher level character's stats. For example, say you would normally need to be level 70+ and have good upgraded gear, but with infinite upgrades a level 50 could just simply upgrade towers to rank 10+ and you would have equal stats or better than the level 70 that farmed and earned the gear necessary. This would make it diminishing to look for stronger gear for survival if you could just complete it with alot less work.
  4. I think it would be cool to see like 2 DLC campaigns, with both having 4 maps, a story, and maybe a new hero. I enjoyed visiting the different places for each Shard. I think new regions/maps, enemies, and gear would be awesome after the base game, even if the new enemies are annoying.
  5. Thinking off of what you said, they could have weekly featured challenges. Every week a different challenge is highlighted and that challenge could give double the reward or maybe just a chance for double so it doesn't seem too ridiculous. Alternately, maybe some kind of separate bonus reward you normally wouldn't get from that challenge or a different cosmetic version of the normal rewaed. It might be a good way to get people to try different challenges.
  6. I WANTED to get the 10k and be "King of Etheria", let's just meet in the middle (metaphorically), and bestow upon me the in-game title of "Silver Tongued" for having good intentions? :D
  7. Me and my brother were talking about a concept a few days ago about a traitor hero that joined the original team, a Shapeshifting hero that changes between the different enemy classes: Goblin, Dark Elf Mage, Orc, Assassin, Archer...maybe even a Kabold or Wyvern, and a special Mini Ogre ability (not as strong as normal ogres). It's a little off, but maybe some inspiration or variation could come from it to make a Jack of All Trades character for people to play around with. Not specifically super good at one thing, but not bad either.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Some of these ideas were things I thought of randomly and decided to give raw ideas for discussion, while others I thought about a little more. The pet trading would probably work better if you could actually see what people were trading, and what they wanted for it. No surprise, just trading. When I was thinking about the Wind Cannon, I was thinking something similar to a black hole singularity, but instead of pulling stuff in, it would push it away. Maybe my initial idea of a Singularity Cannon (black hole) would be better, shooting spinning orbs that explode on contact and pull enemies together in that area. It would be powerful crowd control, that's for sure, especially combined with other AOE towers or attacks. It would all have to be tested, but I would love to play a Mad Scientist hero.
  9. Rethinking the endless mode idea, maybe it shouldn't even be about getting loot, there are plenty of other ways for that. Maybe you get more currency or some other small bonus, but an endless mode should really be just a mode you feel like playing as a sort of sandbox mode. Play it when you want for as long as you want and you lose nothing from quitting at any time.
  10. They would either need to have something like the scavenger, or a separate forge with bigger inventory that autocollects for survival mode including an extra page when it gets full just in case you see an item or two and pick them up, it would keep them in the extra (overflow) page. It could have selectable filters of what it collects and leaves the rest for autosell. Alternate solution would be to have less loot drop at the beginning. As you continue, more items start dropping, increasing quality as you keep going, or some variation of loot control/distribution. Maybe instead of nonstop, it gives you a short break at set intervals. For example, once you start combat phase, you only get a 60 second break every 10 minutes. The times would need to be balanced to make it still be fun and challenging without giving too much breathing room, or not enough to even have a break to start with.
  11. Here is some more crazy stuff I was thinking about, take a look. ----Endless Survival---- •initial build phase, no more breaks between waves, enemies just keep spawning •gets more difficult the longer you survive •periodic ogre/minibosses, the amount increases with survival time(there is a limit) •periodic randomly selected hordes of kabolds, wyverns, assassins, necros or other special enemies the longer you survive which eventually can spawn multiple hordes at one time •the longer you survive, the better the chance of ogres/minibosses dropping rare loot from that region of maps ----New Hero---- Mad Scientist - Elemental/Support, use huntress weapons. He isn't supposed to have all of the abilities and towers below, just providing options, they would need balance tweaking of course. *ABILITIES:Durations and effectiveness depend on points put into that ability, duration has a cap. •Chemical Flasks- continuously throw splash damage elemental flasks, each flask is a random element(Duration 5-20 sec.)(Cooldown 60-90 sec.) •Elemental Pulse- hits a cone shaped area in front of him that deals damage, removes elemental resistances, and resets Chemical Flasks cooldown. (Cooldown 90-120 sec.) •Quantum Bubble- places a temporary dome that protects against enemy projectiles, and prevents towers inside from being destroyed while active (Duration 5-20) (Cooldown 60 sec.) *Towers: •Tesla Blockade- deals electric damage to enemies that strike it •Robot Blockade-grabs and squeezes an enemy that strikes him, dealing initial damage and holding them in place until either he or the enemy dies, if the enemy dies he can grab another after a short delay •Treadmill Tile- when activated, starts moving and carries enemies toward direction it's facing(can be used to push them off cliffs or into other traps) •Potion Dispenser- when activated by a hero, gives a randomnly selected boost to hero and nearby towers(health, damage, speed/firing rate, casting rate/range) for a short duration depending on what rank it is upgraded to(rank 1=10sec., 2=15, ......, 5=30) •Air cannon- periodically shoots blasts of wind, deals no damage but knocks back enemies in a narrow, straight line •Acid Mortar- lobs posionous canisters at randomly targeted enemies in a 360° area(similar to LT range), leaving puddles that hurt enemies for a short time where they hit ----Pets---- •Pet costumes? Imagine having a Golden Animus or a see-through Glass dragon. •Bosses have a small chance to drop miniature pet versions of themselves, with more epic-looking versions when playing on Insane difficulty or higher (Normal Betsy from anything below Insane/ Blue flaming Betsy from Insane or higher) •Surprise Pet Trading System- you select what rarity of pet you want, then choose one of your own pets of the same rarity to trade. It finds another person trading a pet of the same rarity, and it switches pets. You can't see their name, and you don't know what the pet is until the trade is done. You can trade rare pets you have 2 of, or the pets you don't want anymore. You could get a better one or a worse one, but the choice to try it is up to you. ----Tokens---- •Bosses and Ogres have a chance to drop Tokens on Insane difficulty and above •The drop rate increases for each difficulty after Insane •Tokens are each separately rolled through drop rate, so you could potentially get one of each, especially if playing on a higher difficulty. *Upgrade tokens- these tokens are used as an extra way to upgrade the level of your gear, it is split into categories: -Armor -Weapons -Pets *Mana Machine- similar to a slot machine, it has a random chance of granting you a rare item based on your level or a jackpot, which gives you a ton of Mana (or whatever the currency is). You would need to spend a Mana Machine token each time. The rare items could include Boss, challenge, and Mana Machine specific rewards like weapons and pets, but would be random. •maybe make it so you have to beat the campaign on Insane, or reach 70 to unlock this. • you could have separate machines, one for rare pets and one for rare weapons. Tokens are just there to give you something extra after grinding for a while. It gives a small boost to upgrading items and you could pop one in the machine and potentially get something really epic. ----Artifacts---- You would have a Shrine in your tavern, which you would have to unlock Artifacts for by defeating bosses on Nightmare and above. Each boss would have a specific artifact that it unlocks. You can only have one equipped at a time, which grants a bonus depending on which artifact you have equipped. Examples; •Defender- grants 10% stronger physical damage of heroes and towers •Elementalist- grants 10% stronger Elemental damage of heroes and towers •Hero's Might- grants +10% hero speed, health, and casting rate •Buddy System- grants +10% pet damage and upgrading pets cost 20% less •Craftsman- grants 10% more mana when selling weapons and armor, upgrading weapons and armor cost 20% less •Conservative Hero- Hero ability cooldowns are reduced by 20% [Some of these ideas would be OP or maybe need some kind of tweaking and ballancing, but I figured I would throw it out there for everyone to see. Tell me what you think.]
  12. You might be right about that, just trying to throw some ideas around, but most would need some kind of balance. That's why I'm happy to share it here, so it can be discussed for the flaws that would be present. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Here are some ideas and improvements I think the game could benefit from if done well. --- Tower Progression --- Each individual tower can level up to a max of 50(separate from upgrading during a mission) the more you use it, gaining perks every 10 levels that modify the tower as well as increasing the maximum rank you can upgrade the tower during a mission. For example, you use the Deadly Strike Tower alot and get it to lvl 10, it can now be upgraded to rank 2 during missions and also gains the perk "Targeted VIP" which makes the tower target the strongest enemies first. Later when you got the tower to lvl 50, you would unlock the last perk "Energy Wave", which has a chance to shoot out a wider horizontal beam each time it fires. In summary, each tower at lvl 50 would have 5 perks to chose from that modify it, as well as being able to upgrade it to rank 5 during missions. Other perks could include: •add elemental AOE effect on hit based on last killed enemy •Traps/Auras- chance to cause chain reactions •Traps/Auras- half as effective, unlimited uses •healing auras protect towers from CC effects like being moved, stunned, webbed, or despawned •blockades have small chance to stun and heal a percentage of HP when they do •chance to remove enemies elemental resistances •tower targets air units first • shoot additional projectile --- Difficulty --- More ways to customize your experience by selecting whether certain factors are active or not would be a nice addition. Boxes could be checked or unchecked like the time limit option for those that want the added pressure among other options. There could also be a choice for mutators. You could have "randomized" mutators, which means that individual mutations will be randomly selected during each wave from the pool by default, or the choice to individually select which ones you want active for the mission without being exposed to the rest. Some mutators could include: •3x the wyverns spawn •enemies can't be knocked back •enemies heal some with each it •enemy ranged attacks knock back players •kabold hordes spawn from a random lane • ogres/minibosses spawn with bodyguards(Vanguard-like) that can stun or debuff heroes and provide a shield for the ogre/miniboss(more HP or maybe invincible) until they are killed *Massacre Difficulty- I was thinking one of the suggestions below might add to it along with another "difficulty" factor, maybe including the mutators above Not entirely sure about these: •enemies spawn with 2 elemental resistances that could include 50% reduced physical damage as one of them •enemies have an elemental shield that reduces physical damage by 25% and the weaker element by 50%, but takes 50% more damage from the conflicting element that are all in a cycle. Something like Electric hurts Poison, Poison hurts Fire, Fire hurts Electric. (might be too confusing) --- Gear --- There should be unique/legendary armor sets and full armor sets could give a bonus such as: •earn 20% more exp •buying and selling is 25% better •you explode on death, knocking back enemies •repair and build faster •move 10-20% faster •abilities cool down 25% faster •attacks have a 10% chance to deal 50% bonus elemental damage based on the last enemy killed •elemental resistances increased by 10% •25% more damage to bosses •weapon attacks 20% faster(melee), or reloads faster(ranged) *That's all I got for now, and hope some of these get into the game in one form or another. Feel free to add to these or provide changes you would make.
  14. Considering Massacre difficulty is supposed to be alot harder than nightmare, it needs something extra to change things up more than nightmare. That change could work as long as it has something else alongside it like maybe the mutators idea I mentioned or another new factor. Only losing 25% damage against opposite elemental enemies isn't enough to worry about changing up your playstyle, but it's a start. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. It's a work-in-progress idea that just came up, so it would definitely need some balance and tuning, but it could work in some way, might have to cut some of these "perks" or change them a little. I like the idea of leveling the towers for their perks similar to leveling a hero for their abilities. Also, all of these options wouldn't be available to all towers, they would have to be specific to certain ones. By the time each tower reached level 50, you would have 5 perk options for each tower to modify it along with being able to upgrade it up to rank 5 over the course of each mission/level. I also posted ideas on "difficulty scaling" and "massacre difficulty" if you have time to check those out.
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