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  1. I wasn't talking about getting to the very end game and have a maxed character in most regards. I specifically meant if you wanted to use most of a hero's towers without having 2-3 of that same hero, you would need 1000+ Ascension. That's kinda restricting considering it makes all those towers you don't have points into essentially useless. You still also have to farm for resources, shards, and mods that take up a lot of time also. So basically, for anyone that isn't high Ascension or is a new player, you are either stuck with 3 of that hero to use their towers effectively or you spread the points evenly on 1 hero and have those towers all mediocre. I try to play in public matches as much as possible, I'm not avoiding anything. I said I "generally" don't see these towers used, meaning not regularly. Most people in public matches are using the same combos of towers like MFR, Flame Aura, PDT, Earthshatter, Hornets, and Skyguard. It's not my fault the towers are unbalanced to the point most people don't usually use half of them. And if blockades aren't useful late game, I'd call that a design flaw unless they did it 100% intentionally, even then it again limits the amount of towers that are useful. I like using blockades because it feels like it fits to have something stopping the enemies from getting through while being supported by other towers. All in all, I like different builds but I feel it restricts you from being creative with the stat distribution of having to choose which tower to make useful one at a time until you sink so much time in to max them all just to be able to comfortably use them all. And alternately having to make multiple copies of the same hero just to use all of their towers effectively just isn't a smooth gameplay design. Like I said, it feels limiting or just annoyingly inconvenient.
  2. I would agree DD2 could use a change with Ascension, but at the same time it might be too late for me personally, I'll be playing DD: Awakening when it releases soon(hopefully still this year). DD1 had just tower stats that applied to all towers on that character instead of just one, so you could have a full squire or full monk build of towers with just one of each hero and then switch to another hero to put down a few of that hero's towers also. You also had to choose between being primarily a tower hero or a dps hero with your stat points, meaning more efficiency in which role you wanted to play with that character instead of a dps and a tower hero in DD2 that's basically a jack of all trades...except with only 1 tower leveled up. Only way around it is getting very high Ascension to where you can max them all, which takes dozens of hours, or maybe even a hundred or more hours. It's annoying to have either a hybrid tower hero that's mediocre at all towers or a focused tower hero only good with one tower. I don't like needing to have 3 monks to use his auras at full potential or other characters for that matter, especially with onslaught floors limiting tower efficiency with all the modifiers which make you feel pushed to use specific builds or have certain mods. Definitely started to feel like it's everyone using the same build when alot of the towers just aren't useful for endgame and weren't worth the point investment. Generally, I don't see anyone using Explosive Traps, Geysers, Blaze Balloons, Magic Blockades, Frost Towers, Flamethrower tower, Squire's dummy tower, harpoons, buff aura, not to mention a few of the "dlc" hero's towers. In DD1, it seemed like most of the towers were able to be used efficiently. I enjoy the game, but some of the mechanics/features seem out of place or just wrong.
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