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  1. Hello folks, how many enemies does the Ballista pierce by default? Because it's say's 6 on mine. I thought it was supposed to be 4? I don't have the puncturing bolts shard equiped.
  2. All Your Yeahs: Thank you for the information again, you are very helpful :) I will continue to use the WM with the water/shocking revelation combo especially since they might bring it back in some form from what you said.
  3. My WM still works in regards to water servo and shocking revelation but that's because i created it before the change right? I was also wondering then, if others can't use the combo on WM, then should I stop using mine as well? I'm gaining some sort of advantage? or some type of exploit? I'm sorry, i get anxiety about this sort of stuff.
  4. I won't be putting water to explosive trap then :/ Thank you Paloverde and All Your Yeahs for the help :)
  5. Good idea, i had some thought of having 2 of the same heroes with different defense builds. How many hero slots can we have? Also I was wondering, is it possible to rename a relic, so then you know who that relic is for or which defense it was made for? Because I do plan on making more than 1 relic for some if not all defenses.
  6. Thank you All Your Yeahs and Jaws_420. Before this information I had plans for other defenses and even put a earth servo to bees. Other planned elemental servo's: Earth to cannonball towers, Earth to ramsters, Poison to ballista, Water to explosive trap. But now i'll change that idea since like All Your Yeahs pointed out about not many physical damage defenses.
  7. Sorry to be a bother again, I have another question but it's about defenses. You know the physical damage dealing defenses like cannonball tower? Well if I was to put a Earth servo/mod to that tower, would it still be physical or instead magical damage dealing?
  8. Thank you Jaws, i guess i was getting the % gift box when doing floor 2 or from 1 and 2 from the victory chest. Thanks again.
  9. I like that idea. Also congrats on gilding all the Chaos VII shards.
  10. I'm concerned because I have not done a reset for a while (on 15) and I did floor 2 multiple times but also 1 and 2. And I got the gift box out of the chest more than once (I'm having doubts about my memory now >.<) But i'll stick to farming via expeditions.
  11. Thank you very much. I had some worry about it but thank you for the assurance.
  12. Hello, I was wondering in regards to farming specific onslaught floors such as floor 1-2 repeatedly, if this is allowed? because as well as getting 3 shards and whatever else there was. Twice? I got the present box drop from the chest. I just hope I didn't do some type of game exploit or anything of that nature.
  13. It would be nice to have 2 extra heroes to complete the 4 main heroes. But to be honest I have no idea what's next for DD2 besides quality of life changes?
  14. Hello Zuvell, welcome to the forums. Personally I would like to see the defenses that are useless or not used often, given some love. Such defenses: Harpy's perch? buff beam, and any others that people think need some love. Truth is, it has been said before about giving some defenses some love but ultimately only a few? get it. This is probably the last time I even mention it because I don't want to keep saying about it and overall it doesn't happen. Would like to have the developers tell us what registers as defense buffs and hero buffs. What the weapon stats mean when you view them
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