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  1. Hello, Just received today a sketchy email announcing that DDA was fully funded. The text is the same than the update 9, but the email itself doesn't looks legit : _ the design is like, non existent, and doesn't like the other emails. No chromatic games logo, and the picture is just the one from KS. _ the sender email is DUNGEON_DEFENDERS@DungeonDefenders.com _ lof of encoding problems. More over, at the end of the email, there is a link to the kickstarter, which is the same that the legit one, but with "?ref=85c5r8" at the end (not really worried about that), but there is also an unsubscribe link, which is a bit.ly link. And that one looks really sketchy. especially the pythonanywhere part : So, is it legit or not ? Can the CG team can have a look at this ? Does other people also received this ?
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