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  1. quit with the good memories....its all broken rng downhill from here
  2. you have to fix the broken rng for trendy
  3. A system taken beyond it's original design parameters demonstrates odd behaviour shocker. Someone contact Fox News. Nobody seems shocked but you, the rest would just like it to be fixed.
  4. I always found less ult/sups when running with just summoners. was the same in aquanos and kings game.
  5. Rewards should be given to help come across the next hurdle....DD fails miserably at that. We did deeper wells nm survival the other day for a laugh(don't ask), the reward was a giraffe worth 53 mana.
  6. I have no problem at all what gear other ppl get, I just want to be challenged on the map the majority who have voted say the map is too hard now, you can't accept that then rather than try and change everyone elses game why not change your own, go and try do nm in godly only.
  7. Whose feedback do you listen to? The map has become too difficult now. 78.40% You need to ask ?
  8. Ran this map 6 times from level 20 through to 30 , I've seen 1 sup and a quite a lot of trans.....no ultimate. It is easy but I wouldn't have said the loot was on par with aquonos....it's just quite a lot of trans which some ppl need to help them with nm.
  9. I wish people would keep in mind that Nightmare is basically just being tested. It's not officially ready until all 4 QftLES DLCs are released. You only have NM if you purchased ahead of the next 3 releasing, which gives Trendy a huge group of people beta-testing NM :) that huge group is the whole player base which is dropping by the day, going by the falling numbers i would say people aren't really happy with what trendy are doing. you can dress it up all you like and make every excuse in the world on behalf of trendy....fact is they screwed over their own community by ignoring all but
  10. you have 4 friends left who play the game, i have none....even i dont play anymore. i just came back to see what the patch was about seeing as it updated through steam. was maybe hoping trendy reverted back to an older patch so we could all play the game and they could concentrate on bug fixes and extra content....but this is trendy we are talking about lol.
  11. trendy already said in forum that nm is in beta test they forgot to mention that when selling it....it was hey you will get early access NOT you will be purchasing a beta which if you do not purchase you will get left behind but we will **** with you all the time now.
  12. if u guys think u r so smart why not make your own game ? what a dumb post
  13. The one thing i don't like about this thread is how people for some reasons, think that Nightmare is for "Everyone" and how "Everyone" should be able to clear it without time investment (gearing up your character) but people have been investing their time and then trendy go and nerf the hell out of whatever people invested their time in, making it a complete waste of time. The players have every right to be upset.
  14. trendy does little else other than buff nerf buff nerf, rather than create new content they just nerf whatever anyone is using and make it useless and then buff something else, so once everyone starts using that something else they will nerf that and buff something else and the cycle continues. dont worry after 48748974 patches(2 months) they will buff the apprentice again and say they want people to use towers more and use pets and players less for killing.
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