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  1. Hey, long time fan of Dungeon Defenders, skipped out on 2 but played the first one a lot. Potentially interested in backing Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, but with the game being developed on Unreal 4, i'm worried over the game potentially getting signed into exclusivity on Epic Games Store. While i can see the benefits for the dev team by signing for exclusivity with Epic, i'd rather see it release on multiple platforms from day one. The open ended answer on Kickstarter FAQ doesn't really help with this concern either. " Our goal is to be on as many platforms as possible and have everyone playing together! " This may be the overall goal, but what's stopping you from having DD:A tied exclusively to Epic Games Store for the first year, like so many games in the recent history have chosen to do? Would love to hear what you folks over at Chromatic Games have to say on this matter.
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