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  1. A bit over a year ago i made the switch from Windows to Linux and discovered that my save file is gone. This seems to always happen when you log into your Dungeon Defenders account on a different OS than the one used to create the account. There are several other people in this forum and in the official steam forums with the same issue. However i never found anybody who had gotten a reply from the official support team concerning this issue and neither did i. After more than a year of waiting for a response to my ticket i hope that somebody in this forum can help me. Does anybody have experience in dealing with the support? Are waiting times of more than a year common or is the support just dead at this point? Here is a link to my steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999812978/ I would really appreciate if somebody could tell me if this issue can be resolved or if i have to start over again. Thanks in advance!
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