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  1. I think they would have to scale it differently but it still sounds like a good idea. Maybe with 1/2 du 1.20x the xp?
  2. I think that instead of only introducing more enemies on the harder difficulties some enemies should have specialized attacks likt if an ogre jumps you get temporarily stunned or does massive tower damage
  3. What is going to get be the biggest difference between nightmare and massacre difficulty?
  4. I dont see any reason for there not to be daily quests you could always choose not to do them it is just more content for other people to do.
  5. In dd1 there were a couple of new enemies like the goblin copter, djinn and sharken. But, they came in on nightmare. And on all other difficulties it was just scaled health and attack. So what if enemies would get different attacks like an ogre can jump which will stun players or do extra damage to towers?
  6. On the kick starter there are flex goals. After launch will some (or all) of those goals be added to the game or is it just based on funding?
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