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  1. ItsUber

    WTA ButtersĀ 

    in a world where people trade 63 diamonds for an event item
  2. 20cv. someone might want these for tboost also, and could thus be a lot more valuable than an ev builder piece :p but not I lol
  3. damn 250 cv for a magi i should of saved my extra lol
  4. 15cv. probably reaches about ult+cap?
  5. ItsUber


    5 cv pristine boots
  6. retracting based on community discussion \o/
  7. too high for my blood
  8. ItsUber

    Christmas in June!!

    im totally entering. eventually. its going to be glorious. there will be pictures AND flavor text, that's right, all the stops will be busted out. Just you wait This is the flavor text. If you could lick this text, it would taste like strawberry. Also thanks firefighter for the build and sam for an extra monk guardian pet. bonus coop run finish
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