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  1. HighKey Poggers. Also I'm out of state for the weekend run me later :p
  2. 1200 on a dps stat with max resists should be 50 cv minimum honestly. its easily good enough to base an entire set off of
  3. nvm(didnt see how good it was for tboost dont want to ruin it for an ev builder lol)
  4. Hey man, Sorry to see you leave. I know the start was a little rocky but I have greatly enjoyed watching you grow in the community and become a main contributor to the discussions and rng posts good and bad lol. It will be sad to see you go but if I have learned anything from playing this game, and then leaving for 5 years, it is that this community will still be around whenever you choose to return. The faces my change a little but the good spirit stays the same and its why people are drawn back to the game. Take care of yourself https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/ I still like this dumb effect lol. 1) chain gloves 2) leather gloves 3) any unloved ++ i will try to find a home for haha
  5. 10 cv on chest cuz you told me to buy it lol. i guess its usable for a dps poly monk or something that doesnt need abilities. piece makes me sad though lol
  6. 20 cv chain helmet
  7. O god accepting events I could be in trouble FeelsBadMan. 50 cv
  8. Hmm 50 CV I guess. I honestly dont know whether to use that for ev/summoner or tower boost. Probably have to be tboost and make a new set
  9. *grumble* never had an ult acc. 35 cv
  10. sea world coming later maybe Also I will throw in 3 more event items if we reach that many participants, cuz thats what i have left after my contest lol :p edit: items given. dont forget I can only win nice colored diamonds hehe :)
  11. ItsUber

    Contest [ENDED]

    I followed the rules don't hate. its technically a screenshot of a seahorse, not to be confused with a picture of a seahorse
  12. ItsUber


    Auction is over winners please add me on steam or message me here on in the DDRNG discord. https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/ If anyone wants to buy an item that wasnt bid on feel free to message me
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