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  1. Hi Atlas, Me and Escev did the pictures together. (with the audience of sir john and moose for awhile lol) So he will post the link. https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/ Thanks for the Giveaway it was a lot of fun, especially since I havent been playing that much so this gave me a good excuse to check out the new maps thoroughly
  2. ItsUber


    105 CV. Hehe ex dee
  3. gimme those gosh darn gloves. 35 cv. and let me know if i get outbid lol. ive needed this piece to complete my upper for so long edit: also my bids will all be in diamonds \o/
  4. My favorite stand alone item is probably arm guards of poison, nothing else is green and black and its shredder claws so yeah.(crystal shredders are dope and were on my monk forever) My favorite item i dont own is blue magi(*cough* if they existed *cough*) haha. https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/
  5. O the memories, finally beating GTH after only needing that achievement for months, getting records in CD, my first moonbase ++ after 8 mil kills, the God Squad final polybius event.... but my favorite is the vast amount of time spent not actually playing and just chatting in taverns with yall \o/ DD has always been about the community over the gameplay for me so no matter what i'm excited for DDA to be a success :D lets keep farming and beating up goblins with pant-less squires lads -Uber McDuber https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/
  6. ItsUber


    https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/ Look i did a map, and i built it all by myself \o/
  7. Rewards have been rolled out of 60 entries. 20 hats and 10 consolation prizes. 50% rewards is pretty good \o/ congrats to the winners player reward lunaris hat kime hat bullet hat slc112 hat putz hat black pheonix hat gyvexx hat jyu hat summimeow hat spammeplz hat mailmangus hat manyux hat moose hat childe amn hat dodo hat jaymuz hat superfx hat mxmx hat billyh hat pure hat kingenx moL michanthony moL slush ocean polar bear dog ocean chiaraux ocean bacta ocean mr edd07 pumpkin lolita pumpkin exostomp war bonnet jaditz war bonnet
  8. Lots of people are having issues posting anything on the forums so here are some entries from discord that sent me pictures. Some pictures were even DD related 1) sure buddy 2)rising star 3) Lunaris 4)slush 5)polar bear dog 6)kime 7)bullet 8) slc112 9)putz 10) black Phoenix 11) saitama 12) mr edd07 13) peppermint butler 14) kuddel 15) gyvexx 16) jyu 17)bonbon
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