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  1. yay pirates! https://steamcommunity.com/id/ubermench42/
  2. 20 cv to ruin it for an ev
  3. ItsUber


    40 cv in diamonds
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045171943
  5. Hello All! Welcome to another Uber contest. In this edition you will return to Moraggo and possibly 'wish' that you never launched your game For this walk in the park contest, you must complete the Challenge "War of The Djinn" to earn some redheads. aka gingers. aka huntress guardian pet. aka that thing everyone wants To enter please 1) Complete the map on nmhc solo with no splits 2) Screenshot the victory screen showing characters (overview and heroes screen) 3) Include your steam ID Time may be a minor factor \o/ Contest will run from 3/7/2020 till 3/21/2020 at 1AM EST May the odds be ever in your favor -Uber Winners 1)mr fox 2)mauiwaui 3)alexios 4)xesenna 5)krayz 6)niracko 7)zerexon 8)flapsi 9)jaymuz 10)escev for longest time
  6. Hello All, It is time to return to the promised lands in honor of DDA and what many have been doing on DDA. You guessed it, you will be going back to Talay Mining Complex!! Rules Up for grabs will be some nice event tower accessories. YOU ARE COMPLETING SURVIVAL AND CAMPAIGN. ONLY CAMPAIGN TIME MATTERS To enter you must 1) Complete Talay Mining Complex on Medium or higher with 1-4 people AND farm a pet rock.(This enters you into the general giveaway pool) 2) Complete Talay Mining Complex on nightmare, SOLO (splits allowed but no other players. This enters you into the running for top 5 time attempts for that map) AND farm a pet rock on nightmare 3) Take a screenshot of the victory screen of the campaign and the survival(If you would like to enter for a top time slot, take screenshots of players in the game to show you played solo) 4) Include steam ID and ID of anyone you ran the map with if you would like to share the entry(general pool only) You may edit posts and update times if you want. You're final edited post as of the time the contest ends will be used. If updated after that time your entry will not be considered for a top time. This contest will run from 3/7/2020 until 3/21/2020 at 1AM EST. Good luck to everyone and have fun \o/ -Uber Winners 1)escev 2)meshak 3)billy 4)deskdogs 5)manyu 6)gyvexx 7)kayyo 8)theos 9)chronozia
  7. Thanks to everyone who entered! I will be home tomorrow to sort things out but hopefully I can scrounge up enough prizes for everyone :) I will contact you via steam if you arent on the discord I hope you all enjoyed trying out or replaying a lesser played map -uber
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