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  1. I truly doubt you can trade over mana to awakened.
  2. I'll start you off with 20cv for the ++ pristine gloves
  3. Looking for offers on these items, Auction will go untill 20/06/2019, if I don't like a offer, I reserve the right to decline. Anti sniping rules: Bids during the last 24 hours will extend it by another 24 hours (not the entire auction, but that specific item). For ratios, Coals are 10:1, diamonds are 5/10/15. From now on any bids to overtake the C/O on the triple cap diamond, has to be at least 5cv higher. https://imgur.com/a/Fo9TDyh No B/Os C/O Triple cap Diamond C/O 47 Cv sneeze +Elder staff C/O 5cv Garzhod ++ Genie C/O + Chain vest C/O 2cv Spidermane ++ Pristine helmet C/O ++ Crescent C/O 2cv Deego ++ Scepter C/O +Scepter C/O 3CV Sneeze ++ Blaster C/O ++Chain boots C/O 2cv Spidermane ++ Mail chest C/O 15cv Hans Joachim + Pristine helmet C/O 2cv Melkor + Pristine gloves C/O + Mail boots 387 ups C/O + Mail boots 440 ups C/O 5cv escev The devil's poolskimmer C/O Maelstrom C/O 10cv Hans Joachim I prefer events I actually have use for. Any events I already have, don't need and cosmetics will be valued lower. If you have any questions, Pm me on discord: Sybreed #3553
  4. I'd love nr 8 the 404 mail hood. Hmu on discord
  5. As always, its very sad to see a member of the community go. Although we didn't interact a ton, the few interactions I can remember were quite nice. Hope things get better for you! NPC ult++ builder leather helmet ult++ builder leather gloves https://steamcommunity.com/id/2113371676869/
  6. I got a 600-600-600-600 ember crescent if youre still looking for one
  7. I'd offer crimson+ sapphire, but you dont want em :\ Lets start with 20cv
  8. Sybreed

    [Ended] Auction

    Queen georgia, maelstorm and 20 cv on chain chest, to start you off.
  9. Thanks for the giveaway, was planning to compete in the speedrunning, but I got too hung op on farming embermount. At least I can enter in the giveaway :) https://steamcommunity.com/id/2113371676869/
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