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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/2113371676869 Fun maps!
  2. Mask of legends - 30, Iratxo - 5(its pretty useless to me), Queen Georgia - 10. So total offer is 95 in my eyes
  3. Oh, right. 20 cv then
  4. Auction will end 07/07. I accept currency/events Coal are 1:8, no more than 5 cv in coal, diamonds are 5/10/15 I accept events, if its a dupe/cosmetic I might value it below the average price. Offers in the last 24 hours will extend the auction by another 24 hours, to avoid sniping. If you got any questions, msg me on discord Sybreed#3553 Current Offer Mask of legends, Iraxto, Queen Georgia and 50 cv Escev (95cv) IC:
  5. He didn't win it, the bid is just too low. I'll be keeping the skimmer for now.
  6. 7cv on 416 plate + I'd also be fine with trading rocks feather, which is worth a fair bit more.
  7. I truly doubt you can trade over mana to awakened.
  8. I'll start you off with 20cv for the ++ pristine gloves
  9. Looking for offers on these items, Auction will go untill 20/06/2019, if I don't like a offer, I reserve the right to decline. Anti sniping rules: Bids during the last 24 hours will extend it by another 24 hours (not the entire auction, but that specific item). For ratios, Coals are 10:1, diamonds are 5/10/15. From now on any bids to overtake the C/O on the triple cap diamond, has to be at least 5cv higher. https://imgur.com/a/Fo9TDyh No B/Os C/O Triple cap Diamond C/O 47 CV Sneez +Elder staff C/O 5cv Garzhod ++ Genie C/O + Chain
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