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  1. Not a big fan of being disconnected for inactivity when I'm deep in a higher ONSL map, in a private solo game AND MY DAD CALLS TO ASK ABOUT MY LIFE. Seriously though, I don't believe this disconnect should apply when not in Town nor Tavern. I have only suffered this significant inconvenience when real life events happen, and I can't see why AFKing would be abusing the game.
  2. Reading this as a "Bug Fix" was indeed a shocking revelation.... At least address it! (Typo: hotfix is aimed and *at)
  3. I like this a lot but would prefer a WEEKLY quest/challenge. I think it would be fairest and easiest to have DM rewarded and to have the map be the same for everyone, like the current weekly, with no reroll.
  4. I lean towards appreciating the unique challenge of the keep. I suppose every 20 levels would be more convenient, but I feel like it's working as intended i.e. forcing me to actually pay attention and try hard. With the ("new") retry wave feature, we probably need something like this, even if it can be frustrating to fail a wave.
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