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  1. Except that's not even close to what I said. What I said was the only maps you should be able to afk farm are maps that are many levels of difficulty below the maps you actually struggle with. If, for example, the game had 10 levels of difficulty, gear you are acquired on difficulty 5 would let you afk farm maps set to difficulty 3 or lower. But would let you complete with a some struggle up to lots of struggle content set for difficulty levels 5-6. Gear dropped on difficulty level 10 might let you afk farm difficulty level 7 and 8, but you'd never be able to afk farm difficulty levels 9 and 10. Gear acquired on difficulty level 10 would make those easier than any other gear in the game, but not afk farmable. As you can see you don't need infinite maps or content to achieve this. I don't know why you pretended that was necessary. You just need a clear power ceiling and a determination about what gear lets you handle what content and how easily. Under a system kind of like that, you'd never be farming difficulty 5 for gear you need in anything above difficulty 5. Gear acquired on difficulty 5 would let you afk farm gear on difficulty 3, but farming difficulty 3 gives you only gold and no useful loot because you need gear from higher difficulties to progress. The very top level of equipment might let you afk farm some semi high difficulties, but you'd always be working it on the level of difficulty intended for your character. This does not require infinite maps to do. That's just an example but it shows pretty obviously that this whole infinite maps and content thing is not required. :/
  2. Yeah, if developers haven't figured out most PC users are on steam and want to use steam by now they are dense about their own market.
  3. When I log into a game with players, I want to know they are as actively engaged in playing the game as I am. And that it will be helpful for us to work together. A player who can afk farm a difficulty I'm legitimately on should have absolutely nothing to gain from the loot that drops on difficulties they can set up a few towers and tab out on. The system should tantalize them to play harder content if they are that far above it by offering them gear that's far too weak to be of real use for them—with the useful gear coming from their level of difficulty or harder. Can afk farms exist? Sure. But only for difficulties you are way geared above. That's my stance.
  4. And I don't think there should be any armor that lets you steamroll the hardest content. There should be armor that lets you steamroll content many difficulties below what you can complete with some struggle. But the strongest thing that can drop from a map you're legitimately on is armor strong enough to let you do harder maps, not flat out crush them with an afk farm. Anything that lets you steam roll the hardest content shouldn't exist. Things should let you complete it. Not walk away from the keyboard. Anything that lets you steam roll harder content than you are on is probably poorly balanced and overpowered to the point of being broken. There's really no excuse for beating maps without actually playing on them. It goes totally against the spirit of gaming to be able to win a game while you're tabbed out and watching a youtube vid. No developer intentionally shoots for a system where players win without even being tabbed into their game.
  5. If you can beat the game without even playing it, your item is broken. Finding an item that alleviates them of the need to even really play the game because they can walk away from the keyboard and come back to a victory screen is poor design and not skillful. Completing a map once and finding an item that becomes an easy mode button is luck, not skill. In truth: no map should drop an item that lets you afk farm a map or difficulty unless it already comes from a difficulty or map many times harder than the one you're able to do. You should never get useful loot out of a difficulty you can afk farm. By the time you can afk farm a difficulty, that difficulty should have absolutely zero useful loot left to offer you.
  6. It's possible we are misunderstanding each other. And I'm referring to DD2's shard system. The RNG is pretty ridiculous on it, so it's being re-worked. I don't mind super rare loot. I just dislike when its edge is so extreme it's necessary to efficiently run content. Gating success on certain maps behind acquiring an item that's basically a lotto ticket leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it always has. Which is why I've always thought RPGs that put more character efficacy behind skill investments and level instead of items tend to play better. Though I don't mind if its comparatively strong to other items. Balance IS difficult. And I honestly think the best way to balance content isn't with mobs that make defenses useless, but to bring back the emphasis on walls in general. Monsters should be tanky enough to soak hits and dangerous enough to thrash defenses. Walls are your soaking defense. They buy your towers time to do more damage to mobs before they reach them, and give your hero time to intervene. Monsters smacking into your wall and getting blasted from the stuff behind it is critical to the parts of the game that "feel" good. The other part is knowing that those defenses will fall if ignored. The ideal recipe for gameplay would be that your walls and towers, placed right, can decimate a certain amount of each enemy wave, but your require your hero's direct assistance somewhere on the map to prevent from losing the game at multiple points during the round. How much help your defenses need can vary depending on strategic placement and strength of defenses as you've progressed, but it should not be "none" until you've out-progressed a map by a significant margin. And afk farming just shouldn't be a thing at difficulties that are supposed to be hard or even somewhat in line with the game's power ceiling.
  7. I do think the fetish with RNG is stupid. Some is ok. But there's a line that I consider to be too much. DD2 is a good example of that line and their gilded shard system. And RNG is absolutely a case of luck. Same as the lottery or any form of gambling. You have x chance to win thing x. You might get it after two hours or 5000 hours. Or even theoretically never at all depending on the things rarity. You're lucky if you get it in the first thousand and unlucky if it takes you 8000. Having time to afk farm a map 16 hours a day is not the same as exercising skill. I was very clear about what an "elite player" is not. An elite player is NOT someone with 16 hours of free time a day to sit and afk farm a map for a powerful item. An elite player IS a player who can, through a combination of strategic defense placement and shrewd decisions in the combat phase complete maps that should be too hard for them. One has time. The other has talent. And the distinction couldn't be more clear. Having a powerful item that makes the game easy doesn't make you good. Finding creative ways to complete maps without ridiculously overpowered items does. And I don't think the late game of DDA should be afking farming. If anything, it should be the opposite. You start out able to complete maps with little effort, but as the game ramps up its difficulty and you head into end game you are supposed to be challenged and forced to make more critical decisions and play in both the build and hero phase of combat. Because the mode is supposed to be harder and therefore require more attention. And the stronger gear is there to make completing the hardest difficulties easier, not a breeze. Hardest difficulties should still take lots of effort. I don't know who you have this formula revered in your above post. Also, afk farming is is something I'm pretty thoroughly opposed to. "Enrich the game play by not playing it" is not a notion that makes any sense to me. A good game should keep its players engaged, not play itself. Most specifically in an action hybrid genre where half of the game is about hero combat.
  8. In fact, if I were to design the game, your characters strength and tower power would primarily be determined by skill points from leveling up and where you spend them. With items giving modest boosts in comparison to make things easier if you have good items. But not a lot easier. If you're playing on the tier of difficulty you're meant to, you gotta expect tower losses and be in the right place at the right time. Either tanking for your defenses and making mobs hit you while they get blasted by towers OR culling the wave with dps. AFK farming would only be possible on difficulties a few levels below whatever level of difficulty you are supposed to be on.
  9. Gonna have to stop you right there. You're apparently so threatened by the idea of making the game less item dependent you wanted to accuse me of saying it should be MORE item dependent. Because THIS means less item dependency: I don't appreciate when people go out of their way to intentionally misconstrue stuff because they are afraid of a suggestion. Also, nothing in that post says you gets screwed for soloing. It just explicitly states that there's always gonna need to be at least one lane where you need to involve your hero and in other lanes they will survive but probably take some losses along the lane to stress the player. IE: figuring out what you can afford to lose during the combat phase and what losing would cost you the game if you are unresponsive. What I suggested is making this afk farming crap totally not a thing. Because if you just sit in your base and don't aid your towers they will get wrecked. I guess you think having gear that lets you step away from the computer and picking classes where you can go read a magazine and automatically win is "elite play???"
  10. I'd like to interject by saying that there is nothing elite about a player who runs maps without utilizing much strategy and is only distinguished by the amount of time they have to sit around and near mindlessly farm a map. Nothing about RNG is elite. It's luck. The grind is stupid. What DD needs are maps that keep players engaged. Towers that help but do not do all the work for you. You have an awesome hero with awesome skills to dispatch monsters. That's the other half of the game. In an ideal world your defenses are placed strategically. And you need to choose between what you can afford to lose to a monster swarm in one lane and where your hero absolutely needs to be to stop an overrun in another. OR, ya know, maybe if they clear one lane quickly enough they can save everything in both. It's supposed to be about crucial decision making in the combat phase and easing the impact of those decisions by building smartly in the build phase. RNG mostly sucks. It's a played out cash grab for most games. And locking progression behind luck is and always has been a crappy mechanic. It keeps players hooked, but for all the wrong reasons. Progression should be steady and manageable, with the challenge coming from the game itself and the gear and towers being balanced around not turning it into easy mode which means no matter how hard you grind your build decisions and actions in combat are the most important pieces of the game, which removes any and all need for stupid RNG based progression. With the most powerful upgrades (on character and towers) leaving the game very difficult at its top level of play (but easier on others). But those upgrades should be available after certain amounts of XP and grinding with some guarantee. Never confuse a lucky slot pull on loot for elite talent.
  11. This is some good news. Hopefully they don't get too extreme with the DM costs. I disagree. It'd take a ridiculous amount of time to get 1000 shard dust for each chaos tier. Are there people who have it? Sure. But they are such a gross minority of the player base anyway and probably have a number of their heros fully maxed on each equipment slot. But that's just my thinking.
  12. Since I need to farm 30 of the same shard for each gear slot, on each hero, meaning I'd need to farm 100's of the same shard to fully kit out all characters for ascension repeat stuff, I think you guys can afford to let us swap ten shard dusts for a SHARD OF OUR CHOICE that matches its chaos tier. To gild a shard I'd still need to play at least 50+ games that way unless I got exceptionally lucky and got ten of the shard I'm looking for right off rip. . ..Yeah, not happening. So, let us freaking trade 10 shard dusts for a shard we want because this rng is stupid. It's too much. It's over the top. Literally 50+ games to gild one shard this way compared to whatever unholy hell number of games it takes now. I think you can afford to let us do the 10 shard buy in. Signed, ~Someone with just barely a life.
  13. Just saying. I feel way more awesome as their adult counterparts. So if nothing else, the grown up versions of themselves would be pretty rad to have in the game as skins.
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