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  1. This is some good news. Hopefully they don't get too extreme with the DM costs. I disagree. It'd take a ridiculous amount of time to get 1000 shard dust for each chaos tier. Are there people who have it? Sure. But they are such a gross minority of the player base anyway and probably have a number of their heros fully maxed on each equipment slot. But that's just my thinking.
  2. Since I need to farm 30 of the same shard for each gear slot, on each hero, meaning I'd need to farm 100's of the same shard to fully kit out all characters for ascension repeat stuff, I think you guys can afford to let us swap ten shard dusts for a SHARD OF OUR CHOICE that matches its chaos tier. To gild a shard I'd still need to play at least 50+ games that way unless I got exceptionally lucky and got ten of the shard I'm looking for right off rip. . ..Yeah, not happening. So, let us freaking trade 10 shard dusts for a shard we want because this rng is stupid. It's too much. It's over the top. Literally 50+ games to gild one shard this way compared to whatever unholy hell number of games it takes now. I think you can afford to let us do the 10 shard buy in. Signed, ~Someone with just barely a life.
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