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  1. Yeah. It would be great. As @Caimen0 said, you can unlock your framerate in DD1 but it wouldn't be a good idea on Moonbase for example. I hope for unlimited framerate.
  2. Hey! I know it's pretty soon, so these kind of questions are pretty dumb, but are we gonna have any FPS limit? 60fps cap in DD1 is driving me crazy.
  3. Hey! Am I the only one who'd love to see DD2 characters to appear in DDA? It's gonna be nice to get "remastered" DD1 but it also would be great if we could get more stuff than the game already has. What are your thoughts? Which DD2 character would you like to see in DDA?
  4. Honestly? DD is about grinding all the time. I don't really know if daily missions would suit this game. Depends on the rewards, but I guess that wouldn't be a DD feature.
  5. Yes. I'm 100% sure you have to buy it on each platform to transfer it. :)
  6. +1 Tavern customization is a really nice feature. The way tavern worked in DD1 was also nice, but imagine that + much more customizations, not just trophies and gear :o.
  7. Adult characters shouldn't be skins, but just another characters with some different skills \ towers. #Also I really like the model of Squire in DD2. It would be great to see it in DDA :p.
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