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  1. Hey defenders, it would be awesome when we also could transmog pets... because i want to have the corgi as my pet and still the stats from the other pet
  2. Hay Guys, i got already 73/74 acheivements and only the hidden one are missing Someone know how to get it?
  3. Hello Guys i got already 73/74 archives but still missing the last one the Hidden archivement also called Test achievement some one know how to get it? would be awesome
  4. did u finish every map ? or did anything special because we did it today also and dont get it
  5. 1) wave 15 The Deeper Well - Griffin (nothing?) 2) wave 15 Ancient Mines - Mista Mine (char speed split in half but massive tower stats are with it) 3) wave 15 Lava Mines - Steam Robot (knocks back enemies hit) 4) wave 15 Alchemy Labs - Propeller Cat (goto pet for DPS chars, multiplies your dps) 5) wave 15 None? Can't recall the map name, that map thats like the grand canyon 6) wave 15 Tornado Highlands - Etherian (Knocks back all enemies hit) 7) wave 15 The Ramparts - Genie (Gain mana as you hit enemies, amount is upgradable) 8) 9) 10) 1
  6. Can we make a List where we find wich Pet? Acient mine: Rock pet Lava Mine: Robot pet
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