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  1. 1.Are they going to buff giraffes? Currently the golden giraffes can be compared to a green rock yet the giraffes are much harder to get. 2. Upon release will there be a limit on the amount of hero's a person is able to own? Don't want to make a third set if hero's if they will be erased. 3. With demon lord releases will there be specific weapon drops that you can only get from him? Same goes for other bosses to come.
  2. April fools if I got you give a like or dislike so I can count how many people I got.
  3. I pre order for pc prestige edition last week just so I can play and still have not got game code when are we getting them.
  4. Going to try to get on this weekend .been busy with work and my kids starting highschool. Thanks for the info will try .
  5. I just sent friend request if your in Nevada. I can you mythical gear all day . I'll be on the next cupl hrs
  6. I'm not finding the same pfp but I see UK and Argentina. Just add sp0t1869. Make sure the o in spot is a number 0 not the letter o
  7. I will try to help you but iv just started a month ago so my builders just now got to 83 and my dps are 78 . Normally can get a billion in about 2 .5 hrs. What is your steam I? I just got off work so sleep for a cupl hrs then i will be online later today and some tomorrow.
  8. Ok thanks I'll be online Sat and sun hope to see you then
  9. Central. I'm on and off every Sat and sun . Only other day I can get online is Tue just let me know a time frame and I'll be online
  10. When will you be online next ?
  11. I have 3 things I need help with. 1st to beat tavern defence on nightmare. 2nd to beat the aquanos can build just can't finish boss . 3rd to get a 42 on moonbase . Not even sure if you can still get a 42 but I can't. If anyone could help with me this weekend that would be great. Please help if you can
  12. Well I tried to give items to people on here first but no one replied so I did open lobby and gave all 16 pages away . If anyone needs mythical items in future message me and I'll help you .
  13. Hello i have gotten my 12 hero's to lv 78 and higher now so I have no need for mythical armor so I'll be doing a mythical drop this weekend. If anyone would like it let me know . I'll be on and off all weekend. Have tons of stuff to get rid of not asking for anything in return. Can also help you lv up to 74 fast if needed.
  14. Yes just change it in the settings . Its in video tab
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