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  1. Yes just change it in the settings . Its in video tab
  2. Where do I do this? Sorry I'm old and don't use pc that much
  3. I just came back to playing this again been 4 yrs and was wondering why you can't see huntress traps when you put it down . I only see the numbers of traps ? Can you change something to fix it
  4. Thank you sorry I work nights was at work when you sent this I'll be online today on and off all day
  5. I'll be online tomorrow. My steam account is ImSpot
  6. I couldn't wait any longer for kick starter rewards so I bought the game . Iv got 6 hero's to 70 but can't beat hard lv cause I need a good weapon. Can someone plz help to beget a good enough weapon to beat a boss on hard. I don't want to just be given a weapon want to get all my items from game . So can someone plz help. I'm on steam
  7. I hope the rewards are not ro far put would like to gwt some dd1 game time in before dda comes
  8. Have they said when the dd classic code from the kick starter will be released?
  9. Well if you do a restart I'll run some maps with you if I get my dd classic code from the kick starter by then
  10. Hello fellow defenders in not going to post a story so just short and sweet. I want the armor like dd1 had dd2 armor was to hard to make good set easily.
  11. Hello, I am a player of the "Dungeon defenders" 1 known as Spot1869 and have a extremely great amount of hours played on it from ps3. Tried playing the sequel "Dungeon Defenders 2" on ps4 but the feel was to different for my taste so I don't have as many hours on it. Sorry if this question has been asked before on these forums, but when will the pre order for "Dungeon Defenders Awakening" be released in the PlayStation store? (haven't been on it for a while)
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