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  1. That's a silly argument buying late game maps isn't pay to win. Doing other maps wouldn't give you an advantage over me it just gave you different content. It's the addition of the summoner affecting future and past maps that I have the problem with. It wasn't about the price of the summoner DLC. It was the summoner DLC itself. When the summoner was added content not intended for him was trivialized. And content with him in mind became much harder without him. Making the hero a must have for everything because like I said "Do you want twice as many towers or not?" Though I could also spin it in a negative way and say. "Do you want to buy the other half of your towers." I agree.
  2. Oh go please no. I would hate to have a repeat of DD1 where it was "Buy summoner or never do late game content." If they add the summoner back they need to do something different because it boiled down to do you want to have twice as many towers or not?
  3. I am willing to take you at your word. This last time. After dungeon defenders was so amazing I made the mistake of jumping head first into every trendy project after. DD:E, DD2MOBA, and DD2 all three of them have been, in so many words cut short and over shadowed by each respective controversy. My post is mostly a rant fueled by "It will get better if I give them time" and a sprinkle of "If DD:A suffers a similar fate it will be the thing that really seals the deal for me." I think $20 is worth one more shot for a series that I loved. good luck on the endeavor I really hope it turns out amazing.
  4. Ah yes Dungeon defenders 2 the sequel to dungeon defenders eternity. I am really disappointed by all of this. Cool trendy or chromatic as they go by isn't dead. This is good. However I invested in two dreams that were never realized and I can't help but worry about supporting them again. I have what can charitably be considered 0 faith in this game. Are we getting another live service cash grab? Maybe. Are we going to get a 1/4 baked remake of DD1 like eternity? Maybe. Are we going to get a DD moba? Maybe. But with any luck they might just be able to pull off catching that lightning in a bottle. But if this fails I don't think I can trust any of their games ever again.
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