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  1. If there's a better way then please do share.
  2. Not everything to be honest. Some of these newly added DLC Maps are quite impossible to solo.
  3. Just want this forum to get noticed is all.
  4. Ok, since player base matters, as of right now which is 12:53 PM there are 625 players with a peak of 664. Opened up DD, went to custom match, and counted 26 open lobbies, that's about if they were all full, 130-140 people. Looking at the Shop Lobbies I counted 15 lobbies and they all had 1 person in it so that's 15 people. So what about the other 480 people playing the game? It would be complete ignorance to say this game is still alive and flourishing. and if most of your player base isn't even playing with other people, and that's just according to stats, then your, "hurt other people when
  5. Remove the cap limit, honestly, this game has been dead for several years and I know you're just trying to do good, but seriously this is a co-op game, there is no competitive aspect to this game at all. The goal is to defend a crystal, not to kill enemy players. (Ok yes there is PVP but let's be honest no one plays that) It is complete ludicrous to add a cap limit to stats. What if people wanna cheat in their own lobby, by themselves. They aren't affecting anyone's gameplay but themselves. Nor should you be banning anyone from using modded items. So now I'm forced to play with others because
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