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  1. Hallo wie geht's dir? Salut comment ca va? Olá como vai você? 你好,你好吗? こんにちは、元気ですか? Привет, как ты? ¿Hola! Cómo estás? Excited
  2. Does anyone know when backers can get into the beta? Also, when is its official release?
  3. To be honest I didn't mind the child aspect either but I also feel like the adult models need to be reworked. Their models felt clunky and awkward in DD1 tbh.
  4. I totally agree this should be an option. Chromatic could do so much with the tavern since it's such a unique aspect to DD. Maybe they could make it a dlc or just stuff you can buy with mana. I feel like it should be rather expensive on the mana side though so mid-late game players can experience it. I wouldn't want noobs with a crib all dripped up y'know? The tav is like a small little home for your defenders and should have options with customizability like with our chars.
  5. Yoooo this is such a good idea I have not heard this b4 wth.
  6. I completely agree right here. I feel you are right on how the games will just slowly deteriorate into one OG DD where most people will go. I think I was wrong to say they should shut down DD2.
  7. I don't really think there is another way to prevent spreading the fanbase without making the servers of one game smaller or whatever and moving on to new. The character transfer would just prevent people from being upset.
  8. I agree with how things are being spread out between all the games. We have only so many players left and having a new version of DD1 will just split us more. I think the devs need to just have a character transfer between the games. Maybe some crossing of games for example DDA players could play certain maps with DD1 players? Lastly, if DD3 comes out I would be for just a shutdown of DD2 and let people transfer their chars and loot and stuff. We need an OG DD.
  9. What are some of the stuff we want to see in DDA? For starters, -I think there should be an auto g option. -More kinds of mage projectiles not just orbs -More abilities for the summoner, I realize his sole purpose is his minions I just feel there should be more -More clothing and or hair movement when the character moves (so it looks fluid) -More particles on weapons to make them really pop -Any others...?
  10. Oof I didn't know. I don't go on the forbidden game we call DD2 : : : :
  11. We should really be thinking about having some sort of banner that shows up when you log on DD1 and DD2. The banner should be a link to the DDA Kickstarter. I just joined multiple games and nobody knew this was going on.
  12. Do you have a decently geared squire? If so run ramparts insane with him. There are some good tutorials on youtube for that. The best place for weapons on 360 would probably be the Eternia shard DLC's or running survival on the higher maps. Best of luck. Squire building ramparts-
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