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  1. There should be trading, without restrictions. A simple trade screen window would work fine. Trading came to DD2 years after the game came out. It should have been part of the base game. It's a looting game. A looting game without trading where you collect rares, pets, and cosmetics isn't really a game anymore. Imagine Pokemon or Yugioh if you couldn't trade.
  2. Personally, I would not want to see tower debuffs and build restrictions used as challenges or game modes as they were in DD2. Bad challenges examples: You are only allowed to build X tower. No shields or barricades! You only have half the mana to work with. No repairs! All of your towers now have lower HP and speed. Notice a pattern? All of the above challenges involve stripping away game content or debuffing a tower to the point where it feels bleh. Challenges should instead add content, so this means more enemies, maybe some type of unique environmental traps or weird storm effects and whatnot that pop out of nowhere and do more damage to your towers. I don't know, but certainly there are better ways to makes shit intense without limiting the player in every way.
  3. The FAQ on Kickstarter reads: So what does this exactly mean for the individual futures of DD2, DD:A, and DD3? Is Chromatic Games going to develop all three games at the same time after DD:A is finished or merely focus on DD3 while DD:A serves as a modern nostalgic throwback, receiving a DLC update here and there? Is DD:A just a stepping stone towards the actual big project, DD3? While it's cool to see new versions of the game, having too many versions not only takes away dev time, but it also further splits up the (already relatively small) community up even more. It's essentially a loot-based MMO game; it needs an active community to thrive and should be trade and market-driven like DD1 was. You do not see popular MMOs come out with many versions in such a short while, maybe one version a decade. And now, as a potential backer, I'm not sure if I should be excited for DD:A or DD3. I personally want to spend thousands of hours into one single DD game (like in DD1) that will last a decade with an active, growing community. I do not want to casually play and grind DD2 a little, then DD:A, then DD3, 'enjoying a bit of each'. I know some players like that, but to me that's just turning the DD franchise into some casual co-op game series that isn't really all that special anymore. It certainly does not make me want to keep playing, as if DD:A comes out and I start investing hundreds of hours into it, I don't want to see all of my time go to waste because half the community leaves for DD3. It's fun building up your character for years and having a super long-term goals to work towards.
  4. There was stuff like this in DD1 as well if I remember right. You could farm for coal and then trade your coal for an item being auctioned on the forums, or you could gamble your coal and create a random diamond. Diamonds were one of the most interesting items/pets in the game. Apart from being decent tower/stat pets, each diamond had a different shape and color which was unique to that player only. An ocean blue diamond would be worth more than say a brown diamond. I really liked the dynamicness in that, and the game needs a lot more things like that. And I almost completely forgot about accessories. Even if there is a more consistent pace of progression in DDA compared to DD1, at the very least they should bring back the accessories such as santa beard or whatnot which boosted your stats. Some of those were quite rare and valuable as well.
  5. It's not the same at all. Just compare and contrast the trading section of the forums on both the DD1 and DD2 forums. The DD1 forums, despite having x3 less active players than DD2 in these times, still has a x3 more active trading forums. Imagine back in the day in DD1's prime where there was a constant flux of new threads and large forum auctions, some amazing items that could go for like 80 cubes or whatever. If instance-based loot comes back, with more generous droprates and gear roles, a more 'consistent pace of progression', all of that is dead. The game is dead.
  6. Guess you've never played RuneScape where players do thousands of clue scrolls in hopes of getting third age armor which has like a 1 in 1 / 50,000 droprate. 1000 hours would be generous, but eventually those who put in enough time and effort do get the best items in the game, while others get lucky and get it the first time. It's all about prestige and being unique from other players. Also, I'm not saying you should need 5,000 hours to progress, just 5,000 hours to get the best gear. You could play the game fine without Ultimate gear.
  7. That's great! It means it was actually an item of Ultimate++ rarity that only few can hope to come across. I'm sure you got up to Supreme though and had good enough gear to play most of the game. For a tower defense game that revolves around looting, DDA needs extremely rare items in order to succeed. Something to slowly grind toward, and not something you're guaranteed to get. The "small, slow, guaranteed upgrades" thing in DD2 and lack of content like diamonds and trading is what made me quit the game.
  8. Nah, if an Ultmate++ item drops, it should have a chance at having the worst stats possible. If you're guaranteed to get a slight upgrade each time, it takes out the thrill and fun of farming and just replaces it with another boring predictable linear grind, like the one on DD2. Maybe there could be slight upgrades up to say Supreme to where the game is playable (but still not everything like CD), but beyond that it should be all RNG for the best items in the game. They should just bring DD1 back but with better graphics and more features and shit, not a DD1 with an entire progression revamp. It won't work out. If I'm lvl 1 in an endgame map and my friend is farming for me, I should be able to get top-tier loot and skip progression. Who cares?
  9. I heavily disagree. They already tried doing the "consistent, guaranteed rewarding progression" thing in DD2, and the game practically failed. I agree with @Fozzie's 2016 post here: Spending "dozens or hundreds of hours" just for an RNG chance of getting an upgrade was (in my opinion after spending 2k+ hours on DD1) the core reason the game thrived as it did. Gear had 8 different stat roles which could go from -999 to +999 and different resistance types if I recall correctly, so you not only had to get a high-tier gear drop but also get a decent combination of stat roles which was exciting. RNG is a good thing and gives you a reason to interact, socialize, and trade with players and put 5,000 hours of playtime into the game. If you just want a casual tower-defense game, you should play DD2. However, in a way, the system is already present in DD1 since you could grind for coal slowly and then trade it for an upgrade.
  10. Not always, but that was part of the fun. I remember the feelings when I saw an Ultimate drop. The first thing I couldn't wait to look at was its stats. If every Ultimate drop was guaranteed to be good or usable, it wouldn't be as exciting or feel that special.
  11. You couldn't bother doing CD you said. That's a good thing -- that means it was hard, time-consuming, and only for the few elite players willing to put in the time and effort, as it should be. We need more content like that, more "crazy loot" and I don't mean crazy in the sense that it looks cool or is (kinda) difficult to get, but crazy in that something only a few players have in-game, something that may sell for $200 real-life money because players desperately want it. Also, again, a system like that where your "chances go up with each run" is exactly what Trendy should avoid. It seems like something they tried to do in DD2, constantly worrying about balance and a consistent pace of progression, and I personally hated it. The game feels too casual, linear, and static and bleh then. Trading or showing off items wouldn't be as special, and you wouldn't get that "rewarding" feel once you get a super rare drop after 200 hours of grinding. I agree though that DD1 had it about just right. One thing I could suggest (in order to increase the rarity of items) is to avoid instance-based loot and stay to DD1's looting system, so whoever picks up the item first keeps the item first. This makes sense as well if everyone defends their own lanes. However, perhaps there could be a type of dicing system like in large MMOs where when an Ultimate or higher item drops, players have to role a dice and everyone has an equal chance to get it, so some leech can't just snatch it, although that's part of the thrill as well.
  12. It is an Ultimate item. What do you expect? If it didn't happen, then there'd be no reason to play or farm maps.
  13. In DD1, I actually liked that you had to spend 500 hours farming maps to get a potentially good Supreme/Ultimate/Ultimate++ item. All of the players I played with (who were the top players at the time) were large traders and item collectors. They played many hours everyday, either grinding coal in hopes of finding a diamond with nice stats and aesthetics, or farming King's Game looking for that perfect Ultimate++ item. It's all about the thrill of grinding and not knowing what you might get. One day you could have full Supreme gear and then suddenly the perfect Ultimate++ item drops which is worth more than your entire bank. You now have an option to trade it for a Supreme set for one of your builders or use it/drop it in your tavern to show it off to your friends. That's what I call a "rewarding grind". It's not rewarding if you're guaranteed to get a good item if you put in X hours like in DD2. RNG is actually a wonderful thing and the reason DD1 succeeded. Take a look at the reasons RuneScape is so successful, which is a game that has had over 100K+ daily players despite being 20 years old. A large reason people still play is is because some items have a 1 in 10,000 droprate. Pets, for example, have a 1 in 250,000 drop rate. And on top of that, you could spend 10,000 hours playing and still not max out. TLDR: Bring back Supreme, Ultimate, Ultimate++ gear, and diamonds. RNG is a good thing. If it takes 500 hours to (potentially) get 1 Ultimate item, that's perfect. It is an Ultimate item, after all. It's supposed to be ultra rare. Bring back free trading. If there's cash shops in server lists (like there were PayPal taverns in DD1) and people can skip grinding, good. Let them. That means the game is successful and the items actually have merit and people care about them. All successful MMOs deal with this. Bring back dropping items in tavern. Don't try to make some weird auction house with a clunky UI. Bring back the spirit of DD1. I'd really like to see DD1 come back but with an anti-cheat, improved graphics and animations, and more features and content. I don't want to see a "new" game where Trendy tries to do what they think is the right thing. I do not want to see this game fail like DD2 or DDE.
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